Wednesday, July 6, 2011

WW: Wacky for a Waffle

Saturday morning I made waffles for breakfast. Caitlin ate the half a waffle we put on her plate and asked to be excused from the table. (Okay, so she is almost 20 months…”asked to be excused” might be a bit much. “Whined until we let her out of the booster seat” might be more exact, but we’re working on it!)

Anyway, she was in the kitchen and managed to talk Daddy into giving her one of the extra waffles cooling on the counter.


She was more than a little proud of herself. She walked around with that waffle like it was a prize near and dear to her heart!


(Stopping to take a bite from time to time!)



And to wash her hands, too….
Such a silly girl!

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Elaine A. said...

She is just SO cute carrying around that waffle! How funny! It does look good... :D