Wednesday, July 13, 2011

WW: Our Little Artist

At Caitlin’s quarterly parent conference last week they showed me photos from her portfolio. Most of them were not a surprise…Caitlin playing in the pretend kitchen, with musical toys, with puzzles. I was surprised though to see photos of our little girl painting. (I remember how pudding painting went!) I wanted to see this for myself, so we picked up some paint at the store this weekend.
Now most people in my position would wait to bring out the paint until they had help around. No, not me. Tuesday was my first real day off with Caitlin this summer. We did a couple of loads of laundry and hung the clothes on the line, we tidied the master bedroom while watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we played with play dough, we found an old bottle and practiced feeding her baby dolls, we blew bubbles, we colored in her coloring books…and all by 10am.

By 10:30 I brought out the paint. It started pretty well. She mostly wanted to make handprints.



At about this point she got upset. She wanted more paint, but I obviously wasn’t doing it right. This would also be about the time my OB’s office called to confirm my appointment for later this week. I answered the phone with a screaming, finger painting child in the background. The receptionist chuckled as she hung up the phone so it must not have sounded TOO crazy…

From here we headed outside for a bit of play in the sand and water table before I gave Caitlin a complete shower with the garden hose. It was a little crazy, but we have some works of art to share with our family, so that it was matters!
Needless to say right after lunch this toddler and (very) pregnant momma took a nice LONG nap!


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blueviolet said...

That most certainly WAS a busy morning!

Texas Type A Mom said...

Wow - you make my schedule look very tame and unstructured in comparison! Your daughter has very similar hair to mine - it's fine and her bangs her growing out!