Sunday, June 28, 2009


This weekend we worked on the closet in the guest room/nursery. ALL weekend. (The DIY project from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks) I've taken pictures throughout, but it is still a work in progress. My sister-in-law gets here on Wednesday and you cannot yet get to the bed or the bathroom in that room. I'm not sure she took us seriously when we told her on the phone that she may have to sleep on the couch for a night or two!

So, look forward to a post this week with finished results. There has been painting, building, and organizing...and the adventures that go with all that fun.

For now, I am off to bed. The Irishman has decided he is going to read "The Night Before Christmas" to my stomach. He is afraid that after this weekend his daughter will know him as "the voice that does all the swearing" and feels the need to redeem himself...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm a Cheerio Girl

Yesterday driving to work I was no longer in 2009 driving a black Hyundai listening to the radio.

It was 1986/7. I was in the back of my mom's red Lancer. (It was the car that talked. It would tell you, "Your fuel is low." "A Door is ajar." It was a cool car...) We were cruising through Portland, Maine listening to Mom's latest purchase: a Madonna tape.

My brother, sister, and I were in the back of the car singing along.

"I'm a Cheerio...I'm a Cheerio...I'm a Cheerio Girl!"


We're living in a material Cheerio world...

Monday, June 22, 2009

Me Tarzan!

With our membership to the YMCA, the Irishman and I can go to either of two different locations. Last week I went to the northern location, but I decided to try the other location today for water aerobics.

I got there just a couple of minutes late...the Irishman lost his keys so I spent a little time helping him look for them. The crowd in the class was about the same as the other...although the teacher was a guy about my age.

I picked out my weights and quickly joined the others in the pool. The people around me seemed very friendly. An older lady asked if it was my first time here. She welcomed me and said she was sure I would like it.

There was an older gentleman standing next to me who smiled at me the whole time. He looked a bit like the landlord in Three's Company...only older. He made eyes at me throughout the class.

As I was getting out of the pool, this man asked me my name. I told him my name and after a long pause (trying to be nice) asked his name. He told me his name was Bob.* Then he grinned at me and said, "But you can call me Tarzan."

It seems that "Tarzan" was is little hard of hearing. He thought my name was Jane.

At 20 weeks pregnant I got a bad pick up line from an 80-year-old man with poor hearing at water aerobics class. I think I got a better workout from laughing all the way home than I did from the class itself. My friend Dawn has suggested that is one for the baby book!

*Name changed to protect the not-so-innocent!

Friday, June 19, 2009

It's NOT the Dryer

The Irishman gets back from his business trip today! He doesn't leave town often for work, so this was a big deal for him. He e-mailed several of my friends and my summer camp boss with an e-mail called "Jenny Watch" asking them to keep an eye on me and to be sure that I don't over do it. He's too much! I'm happy to report I survived without him...just barely!

One of the quirks about my husband is his view towards laundry. While I had been doing most of the laundry before I got pregnant, the Irishman has stepped it up recently to help me out. He has no problem going laundry, as long as he does not have to match the sock. While I knew of his aversion, I recently discovered that it is NOT the dryer eating my socks....

my husband hides them!

The Irishman really hates matching socks. He avoids it like the plague. His avoidance has led to the blue bag. When he folds the laundry, he leaves his socks in a pile and then adds them to a blue laundry bag. Even when I fold the laundry, he will just add the matched pairs of socks to the blue bag. Occasionally he will have a big sock match up, but more frequently he just pulls out the bag and wears whatever socks he can match that particular morning.

A couple of months ago I was out of socks. All of the laundry had been washed, but my socks were no where to be found....until I looked in his blue bag. There were 8 pairs of MY socks matched and thrown in his bag. It seemed he picked them up by mistake.

Last week I was out of clean underwear. I was frustrated because only some of my undies still fit and I was out of those pairs. Again, it seemed like all the laundry was clean...I couldn't figure it out.

This week while he was out of town I found a basket of clean clothes my husband hadn't gotten around to folding or putting away. And yep, there was a week's worth of my clean undies.

I can't complain too much because he does help with the laundry. So I've learned my lesson. Next time I am out of clothes I will go on a search and rescue mission!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Water Aerobics

At my doctor's appointment yesterday I mentioned to her that we'd joined the YMCA and I was planning to take Yoga and Water Aerobics classes. The doctor thought it was a great idea as long as I avoided the "hot" yoga. Little does she know I avoid sweating at all cost...which is not easy in South Florida!

My friend Dawn and I went to our first water aerobics class this morning. We got there about 15 minutes early and saw about what we expected.

We were about half the age of anyone in the pool.

The teacher came over to us before class started and asked if we were REALLY staying for water aerobics. Dawn was quick to point to me and say, "She's pregnant!" (I got to be the excuse.)

Throughout the class she would look over at us and chuckle. Did I mention that the rest of the class was abnormally tall for little old people their age? We had to move to the front to be in the shallow end.

Honestly, we really enjoyed it! Some of the little white haired ladies gave us some dirty looks, but we could get past that. There was a lot of focus on the arms, which I didn't expect. The Y provides the water weights and the noodles. Best of all, I feel like I got a nice workout and didn't feel sweaty and gross afterwards. That's a win-win in my book!

We'll see how I feel this afternoon, but it looks like we will head back tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Happy Ending?

Once upon a time there was a teacher. This teacher decided to take a summer job working at a camp run in a school. She was teaching drama she knows nothing about songs and games. After the first day the teacher was tired, but thought she could make it through the next 18 days of camp.

Then came Tuesday.

On Tuesday there was a new camper. The teacher had heard about this camper. (We'll call him Little Darling.) Little Darling has some issues. The teacher had heard about Little Darling but had never worked with him before.

Little Darling happens to be in the teacher's least favorite age group. It is the one grade level she would never teach. The teacher tried to be positive about it.

She may or may not have said a few prayers during snack time.

Then it was time for Little Darling's groups to come to drama songs and games. The teacher very enthusiastically gathered the students on the stage.

Little Darling sat on the benches in the lunch room.

The teacher enthusiastically called Little Darling over to see the "special surprise."

Little Darling started hopping along the benches.

The teacher walked over to Little Darling and he decided to hide UNDER the tables.

Little Darling was much faster than the teacher. The teacher decided to ignore the behavior and focus on the other campers.

Then Little Darling discovered the ladder the janitor left up in the cafeteria. It went all the way to the ceiling. It was calling Little Darling's name.

The teacher decided to move the whole group next to the ladder so that she could keep Little Darling away while still going on with her lesson. She gathered the students and the materials.

As she started to hand out the puppets for "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly," Little Darling stole the book she was planning to read.

The teacher gritted her teeth cheerfully said, "That's okay! I have it memorized!"

Little Darling was interested in the puppets. The teacher got the book back and even managed to move the group to the stage.

Then Little Darling got bored.

This time he went behind the curtains on the stage. The teacher could see his little feet climbing boxes and getting into mischief. She played chase shooed him away from danger more than once.

She called for back up more than once.

Eventually help arrived. A coworker spoke to Little Darling about the choices he was making. They left for about 20 minutes to have a talk about the choices he was making.

Little Darling returned. He apologized to the teacher and the class. He sat at a table with a marker and a "find the picture." The teacher's coworker felt things were under control and left.

Things went well for about 5 minutes. The teacher sang songs with the group and Little Darling looked for pictures.

Then he got bored. With a marker.

Once upon a time there was a teacher who had 17 days left of camp. She stopped at the store on the way home and bought an expensive pint of ice cream to recover from her day.

She is still hoping for a happy ending!

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Part I left Out

So I told you the best news from my appointment on Thursday in my last post.

Other good news: The doctor said that the subchronic hemorrhage has cleared up. (That was what they'd found on my 7 and 10 week ultrasounds.)

She did though find one area to watch on this ultrasound. She said she wouldn't have even told us, but it was in the report and she didn't want us to worry. (And again I was told not to Google it...)

They saw a Chroroid Plexus Cyst. It is a small cyst in the baby's brain. There is a very small (and from what I can tell controversial) connection between these cysts and Trisomy 18. On the plus side, but blood work came back with a 1 in 10,000 risk of Trisomy 18. The ultrasound also showed our little girl is a good size and has normal hands and feet. (Babies with Trisomy 18 tend to be small and have clenched fists.)

The doctor said that the only way to rule it out would be to do an amnio, but with the blood work and the baby's size she didn't feel it was necessary. It was the high-risk OB who was doing the test, so if she says not to worry I am okay with that! These cysts usually clear up on their own.

I think both of my "do not Google" diagnoses are the result of technology catching things we never knew were there before! On the plus side, I get an extra ultrasound in a month to monitor it.

So for now we are saying extra prayers, but not worrying about it. I go back to my regular OB tomorrow so I'll get her thoughts on it as well.

Now I better get planning...I have 3 hours or so to plan my drama lessons for today. = )

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Picture of our Little...


Thursday's appointment went well. She was sitting on her little foot at first so the technician couldn't be sure. When the doctor came in though our little one had moved and she very confidently told us we were looking at a little girl.
They tried to do one of the very cool 4D pictures, but she wasn't in the right position. I go back in a month, so let's hope we get better pictures then! We've been spoiled so far.
And yes, I will post some belly pictures soon. I haven't charged the camera batteries yet though, so I have no way of taking pictures! Thankfully my summer job is easier than my summer trainings, so things get lighter next week! = )

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Vacation is Here

...even if it is just for one day!

Yesterday was my first official day off school...and I spent 6 hours in a extremely boring math workshop. Tomorrow I have an all day workshop on "Response to Intervention." Summer camp starts on Monday. I am teaching drama in the afternoons for four weeks. (Not that I know much about teaching drama, but I can fake it!)

As for today though...nothing!

Well, if you consider taking the cat to the vet and a doctor's appointment nothing.

(Side note...this is where we hope the little shamrock cooperates! The Irishman is desperate to know if it is a boy or a girl. I'd like to know as well, but he is going nuts!)

(Second side note...Rafa is the one going to the vet. He is not my easy going furry child. There is usually a lot of hissing involved. Once they had to knock him out to examine him...let's hope it doesn't come to that!)

Last week the Irishman and I got a summer membership at the local YMCA. They were running a really good summer promotion and the gym we use at work is unavailable in the summers. I actually got up early this morning with plans to go to a yoga class...only they don't have yoga class on Thursday morning. Oops!

So, now I have the morning to be productive be lazy. I am going to go back and read all the WONDERFUL comments on my last post. (Many of which came as e-mails.) I cannot begin to say how helpful that was. Even the conflicting recommendations were helpful. As those of you with two or three or four reminded me each baby is different, but it is still SO helpful to see the different perspectives. A couple of y'all brought up products I hadn't even heard of but am looking into! Now I just have to make up my mind on things...not my strong suit!

Well, I am off to fill my free morning with bills to pay and laundry to fold. Happy Summer!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Question for the Mommies

The Irishman and I have started phase two of the transition from guest room to nursery. Last weekend we removed a bookcase. This weekend we started on the walk in closet. It is going to get a lot worse before it gets better!

(We did take a couple of diversionary trips this afternoon. We went to look at much needed closet organization systems. While we were out that way we started picking up paint samples and had a look around Babys R Us.)

So, here is our dilemma. We are starting to get pressure to start a registry, which I do plan to do. The problem is that we have a small townhouse. We do not want any more than what we need. Being as a large number of my friends have already had a child (or two or three), I am asking two main questions:

What baby items will we not be able to live without?
What did you get that you found to be a waste of space and money?

I know we will get more than we need, but I am hoping to limit it if I can. We also have the wonderful luxury of friends who are giving us baby items that they no longer need. (By the way...y'all are the best!)

We love our townhouse, but we have no garage or attic. Space is at a premium! So...what are your "must haves" and your "don't bothers"? Favorite brands or ones to forget? Please leave a comment or send me an e-mail. I'd love your feedback!

**Side note: If you haven't voted in the poll yet, please do! My ultrasound was rescheduled for Thursday, so hopefully we'll know then if it is a boy or a girl!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

No More Students...

LOTS of books...
Lots of teachers' tired looks!

Friday was my last day with the class of 2018. They were a great group! I can't pick favorites, but...

Our "First Annual Third Grade Olympics" were a HUGE hit. It was a bit of planning on the teacher's part, but a wonderful end of the year activity. The school I am at does not hold any kind of field day, so we decided we would do our own. We did a big unit on ancient civilizations in social studies, so we named each color team after a different group that we studied. We had all sorts of events...some traditional like sprints, some goofy like shave the water balloon and shoe kicking. Thankfully the weather cooperated. We ordered cheap medals and ribbons and they had a GREAT time.

I got the cutest gift from one of my students. My camera batteries are dead right now, so I will post a picture later.

The end of the year is not one of my favorite times as a teacher. There are lots of classroom moves going on. (Thankfully I am not one of them!) There are a lot of teachers with short fuses right now. The end of the year checklist is driving me nuts. I am not a paperwork kind of gal. But I am taking the weekend off and the end is in sight!

Now to start planning four weeks of summer afternoon program...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Dear Mr. Weatherman,

I would like to apologize for accusing you of torture. While I did feel you were taunting me with your forecast of rain, I forgot the most important thing.

Accuracy is not your middle name.

My fellow third grade teachers and I listened to your advice. We frantically threw together some indoor activities before school to use "when" it started to rain again.

Then we decided to quickly start field day...being as we were not going to see the sun we figured it would be a good idea to use the slight break in the weather.

Did I mention that it was a bit warmer than you forecasted once the sun came out?

I didn't bother with sunscreen with the whole, "It will be cool because you will not see the sun" thing. Good thing my makeup has a little SPF in there! Despite your forecasts we have not had any liquid sunshine since yesterday morning. That is quite a feat!

So, thank you Mr. Weatherman for a perfect field day.

The water balloon toss and popsicles were the perfect way to cool off when the sun decided not to listen to your forecast and shine down on us. Our students declared the event the best thing about third grade. Maybe next year we'll invite you to join us for the BBQ lunch after...our parents make a mean cheeseburger!

Now about hurricane season...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Well, I survived Monday's tie-dyed adventure. We managed to dye 58 shirts in two hours. We had parent volunteers to make it work.

I spent every free moment I had yesterday working with my teammates to plan all the field day events. I made several phone calls last night to track down potato sacks. I was up past 10pm late finalizing the event schedule and washing my tie dyed shirt. We have parent volunteers lined up to help with out outdoor BBQ lunch for the third grade and numerous parent volunteers.

And now

The weatherman has been torturing me all morning.

It is just pouring.

It is heaviest in YOUR area.

It has been there for HOURS.

Showers are just EVERYWHERE.


It will be cool all day because you WILL NOT SEE THE SUN!

It is going to be a LONG day...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cruise Pictures: Puerto Rico

Vacation may have been a couple of weeks ago, but reliving it through the pictures is much needed during the last week of school! I have been up to my eyeballs in alligators and it doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon!

I took some time this weekend to edit our pictures from Puerto Rico. This was the second stop on our 7 day cruise.

The Irishman really enjoyed walking around San Juan. He said it reminded him a lot of his childhood visits to Spain and Portugal. As I mentioned from a post there, it rained a bit while we were there, but we got some pictures in before/after the storm.

Before heading back to the boat, we stopped at the birthplace of the Pina Colada. Now the Irishman does not drink, so we ordered two virgin pina coladas. The restaurant had a lovely patio and we enjoyed ourselves. I love the picture of my husband with "Two Pina Coladas."
We took A LOT of pictures from Labadee, Haiti so it will take a while to get those posted. They are some of my favorites though.
Have a great week!