Saturday, November 28, 2009


Here are a few pictures from our visit with Caitlin's great-grandparents on Thanksgiving.

Granda and Nana head back to Ireland today...we are so blessed to have had them here! Grandma Laura arrives today and gets to meet Caitlin for the first time. We are thankful to have our very helpful families come from so far away to help us out!
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Pretty in Pink

My mom said she was a little worried about how I would do with a little girl because I never liked to play with dolls growing up. (In fact there is a well-known incident where I was forced to play with my sister and her Barbie dolls and I sent Barbie to jail for writing hot checks to get out of it...)

I LOVE dressed up Caitlin! I am all about the socks, the bows, the hats...a big relief for my mom!

So here is her "Pretty in Pink" photo shoot. It is Grandma Laura's far!
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Thursday, November 26, 2009


The Irishman and I feel so blessed this year.
Happy Thanksgiving from our family to you and yours!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I didn't intend to use this picture here, but I know my mom looks forward to a daily picture of our little sleeping beauty. It is a rainy day in South Florida and I am the only one up. I LOVE a quiet morning to myself and didn't think I could sneak one so soon. Caitlin and Daddy share a common love for a good morning nap though, so it works well for me!

Yesterday was our first big outing. With his parents in town from Ireland, Morgan wanted to find something we could all do we went to Buy Buy Baby (owned by the same company as Bed, Bath, and Beyond) to use some soon-to-expire coupons. I also got to test out the feeding room there. (While the Irishman and his parents had tea at a nearby restaurant...I got the raw end of the deal there!) We almost made it back in time...Caitlin woke up to let us know it was time for dinner about 5 minutes from home. All in all though it was a successful trip.

I am hoping for a lazy day today...and the weather is helping. We will have to rest up before our big Thanksgiving outing to visit some of my family and Caitlin's Great Grandparents! Now to decide what the little pumpkin will wear...
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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Meaningful Gift

While I was in the hospital the Irishman gave me this necklace. I'd seen it in the James Avery catalog and mentioned it to him in passing...and that Irishman of mine remembered. I've worn in every day since. Caitlin seems to like it as well!
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Monday, November 23, 2009

First Walk

One of Daddy's favorite gifts this summer was a Cork Jersey from Aunt June. On Thursday we decided to play dress up and take Miss Caitlin on her first walk. I am not sure who enjoyed it more!
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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Green for Life

A former student gave us this outfit last year. Caitlin wore it to watch the Irish soccer game with Daddy and Granda. They were not happy with the result, but she looked good for the game!

The sock/shoes were a gift from Plunkett. I thought they were cute at the time, but they look even better on!
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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Nana and Granda

Caitlin is lucky enough to have her Nana and Granda in town from Ireland to see her! (Caitlin has three cousins in Ireland who gave this set of grandparents their names.) They came last Thursday and will be here until after Thanksgiving when Grandma Laura comes in to stay for a couple of weeks. Aunt Julie is scheduled to come in the beginning of December. Great Grandma Betty (also known as GGB) has stopped by to visit several times...she lives close enough to always find an excuse to see her newest great-grandbaby! Grandpa Eric is still working on arranging a visit in the new year. We have also set up the web cam to "talk" with family and friends who are far away. Miss Caitlin is one popular well- loved young lady!
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Friday, November 20, 2009

Caitlin's One Week Photos

Caitlin is was one week old on Tuesday.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Photos from Birth Week

Thanks to Nana, I finally had a chance to sit down and get some pictures together. Morgan's parents have been a great help. There are too many to post all at once, but I have my next five posts lined up now and ready to go. (I am waiting to see how long it takes for my mom to e-mail asking for a sneak peak...I know she cannot wait to get here to see her granddaughter in person!)
These are from the Irishman's phone. He was sending out pictures to friends and family left, right, and center!

These pictures are from our regular camera taken during her first week. Since we've gotten home I've been the one behind the camera, but early on the Irishman caught a few pictures of his girls.
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Week Later

I am a bit bruised, but we are not "Quacking up" just yet!

When I got to the the hospital last week it took FOUR tries to get my IV started. As a result, I have MASSIVE bruises all over my hands and arms. It looks really bad and is quite painful. Thankfully I am not leaving the house much, so I shouldn't raise too many eyebrows!

The Irishman came pretty close to "quacking up" the other day while working on the final touches for the bathroom attached the to nursery. We ordered a trashcan and a soap dispenser that "quack" when you use them. The problem was they were sporadically "quacking." Not much sleep and an uncooperative couple of "quackers" is enough to make anyone crazy!

We went to the doctor on Tuesday. Miss Caitlin is doing very well and is back above her birth weight.

Today was also the first time we left Caitlin with Nana and Granda. (Mind you we only went 5 minutes away to pick up lunch, but still!) We tried a quick stop at Target on the way home, but it was too much for me...although more soreness and tiredness than "can't be away from her-ness."

I have lots of pictures, but not much time for uploading and editing, so it will be a little while! (And I was in the process of uploading, but have a cranky, hungry baby calling for me...)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coming Home Photos

I started a post three times today only to discover someone decided to check Irish internet sites and I'd lost my work. Oh well!

I do though have these pics on my phone from Friday when we left the hospital.

So far things are going well. We have our first well-baby check up in the morning. Lots of updates and lots of pictures to come, but this is what I can fit in from my phone at 2am. = )

Friday, November 13, 2009

Heading Home

Caitlin is in the newborn nursery getting the final check. We should be heading home by about noon today.

The hospital recovery rooms are all semi-private...all but two "princess suites" that you reserve at a premium cost...and they say 90% of the time you will have a single room. Morg had been staying in the extra bed in my room, but last night they cleaned it out. It seems there were A LOT of babies born this week. As luck would have it, it was empty all night, but the Irishman was already sound asleep at home by then. Caitlin spent the night with the lovely nurses in the newborn nursery who brought her to me for feedings. I was slightly freaked out (read hormonal and crying) last night right after Morgan left, but all went well!

So now we are a couple of hours away from heading home. Crazy to image it.

And because I know a few of you who will want to see it, I've added a couple of pictures. (Although updating from the phone I am not sure where in the post the photos will be...) We have been just using the phones for now, but can share pics from the camera once we get home.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Caitlin's Arrival

Caitlin Josephine arrived at 12:45 weighing 8lb 7oz. All are doing well!

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Plan

Well, we have a plan.

I am scheduled to have a c-section at noon tomorrow. It was not my first choice, but the baby does not seem to be in any hurry. The doctor said that induction was an option, but in her crystal ball she did not see it working out. We went up to the front while she called the hospital to schedule it. We were a bit surprised to hear it is all happening so soon!

So, it looks like we will be meeting Miss Caitlin tomorrow. Please say a prayer for us!

Expect updates as soon as she arrives. Thank you for all the kind words and support!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pumpkin in the Oven

I'll start with what you want to know baby yet!

But while my little pumpkin is incubating, I have done some pumpkin baking of my own.

First, I made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. At the Irishman's request, I mixed white chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate chips. They were pretty good (I found the link from a link on another blog..) but not in my top 10 of cookie recipes.

This morning after Mass, I was worn out and decided to take a nap...that is until thoughts of PUMPKIN BUTTER went through my head...I made a batch for breakfast. It is yummy on toast!

Now in the oven is the recipe I am most excited about so far. Again, it was a link I found from another blog. The Pumpkin Swirl Loaf is in the oven now and smells and looks promising. I also may or may not have picked up a cookbook in the checkout line at the store today with more pumpkin recipes in it....

I would usually add a picture or two, but not today. I am off to spend some time with my husband. = ) We'll enjoy Sunday night TV while we can!

Tomorrow I head to the hospital for the BPP test and then back to the doctor, so we should know more then. Until then, there are yummy pumpkin recipes calling my name!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Due Date

Well, it is officially my due date. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and she was not overly confident that Miss Caitlin would be coming any time soon. It looks like she is going to fit in with our family nicely...the Irishman and I rarely do anything on time!

At this point I have an appointment at the hospital for a Biophysical Profile on Monday afternoon and a doctor's appointment right afterwards to re-assess things. The doctor said she won't let me go past the middle of next week so at least we have a deadline. This baby has until Monday to make some progress or it is looking like a c-section.

The Irishman and I have had a bit of a laugh though...we have heard the stories of my own birth. My grandfather was out of the country on business and flew back for my birth...only for me to be two weeks late. I was born a week after a hurricane. I was a big baby. My poor mother was in labor forever.


This baby is looking pretty big. We are in "the cone" for tropical storm Ida. My in-laws fly in from Ireland on Thursday.

Just sayin'.

In all seriousness, I am feeling good and ready to meet the little darling. I've been using much appreciated gift cards to pick up/order online last minute items for the baby. I think we are feeling just about as ready as we can. I took a LONG nap yesterday.

I promised the Irishman Mr. Christmas MONTHS ago that if I hadn't gone into labor by today we would go see "The Christmas Carol" with him, so it looks like that is on our agenda for the day.

I have also gotten to the point where I cannot make a phone call without the person on the other line FREAKING out. I cannot say, "Hello" with out getting, "ARE YOU IN LABOR????" (Although the Irishman has been doing that since, ummm, September!)

So, for now we wait. (And sleep!) I am showing Morgan how to post to my blog from his cell phone today, so we should be able to update quickly...once this baby decides it is time!

Happy weekend!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Nursery Reveal

We have now entered the waiting game. I finished up work last week and have had a few days to rest up and work a little around the house. We head back to the doctor this afternoon so we should have a better idea of things then. At my last appointment they started to bring up the idea of a c-section because of concern over the baby's size. I am seeing my favorite doctor today for a second opinion, so we'll see how it goes!
Most importantly, we have just about finished the here it is!

We have re-purposed most of the furniture. The crib is the only thing we bought new. (And my mom just sent sheets she made for the crib that match the quilt...not yet pictured, but super cute!) The dresser was in my room as a kid...although it looked a bit different back then! The changing table I bought off Craig's list. (And both were painted to match) The glider belonged to Grandma Jo and was recovered by my mom. The Panda Bear on the chair was a gift from my in-laws. The bedspread was given to us as a wedding present from Plunket and matches everything else in the room...making the previously red, white, and blue daybed work. We really lucked out!

There are so many details I love about the nursery. Here are a few:
A: The quilt Grandma Betty made

B: (bottom) Sheep from Sandra and Dad on shelf made by Uncle Ken

B: (top) picture Morgan gave me when we were first dating

C: Light switch cover I painted

D: Cross from a friend at school

E: (top) Cork sign we bought in Ireland several trips back but never put up

E: (bottom) Pictures I made using fabric from GB's quilt and my Cricut with dollar store frames

F: Floor quilt made for us by Shannon's mom Connie

G: Back of GB's quilt with personalized label

H: top of dresser from left to right...picture of Blackrock Castle made by Morgan's sister Rose, Angel that sings "Too-ra, Loo-ra, Loo-ra" given to us by Sue, and the lamp from the Lynch family

I: "Ewe'll Never Walk Alone" picture - A play on words for Morgan's favorite team. The sheep are wearing Liverpool Scarves. "You'll Never Walk Alone" is inscribed on the inside of our wedding rings and was our first dance at the wedding. It was the one hold over from the "Liverpool room" that was allowed to stay! (The rest were banished to the guest bathroom.)

J: Close up of GB's Quilt

Now all we are missing is the baby! = )

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