Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Caitlin’s Blue Froggy Friend

Friday was the last day I was able to get into my classroom before they started construction. I’d pretty much finished everything on Thursday, but I wanted to feed the worms and bring home my houseplants. Caitlin and I made plans with her aunties for the afternoon, so she came along with me. I was a little nervous that she would end up making friends with the worms, but my fears were unfounded. It seems she was distracted by something else.

A blue frog to be exact.

It was a gift from a student many years ago. I have about 10 stuffed animal frogs in my classroom. He was the second largest and the only blue frog to be found, but he is the one she picked out. I let her carry him around the room….and of course he came home with us.





(The photos are from her after bath snack and sippy cup of milk time. She was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and eating, so she mostly ignored the camera!)

Blue Frog is currently second fiddle only to Pink Bear. I thought I heard her call him, “Cookie” the other night – the Irishman was thrilled. I guess he does very slightly resemble Cookie Monster. Meanwhile, we are running our of room in the crib for Caitlin with all her furry friends!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Frogs look good in blue! And Caitlin looks cute too. :)