Saturday, July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning in Photos

The only plans we had this weekend was a vet appointment at 9:30 this morning. I was supposed to take Rafa for his annual check up and shots two weeks ago. I ended up calling the office explaining that I was 7 and a half months pregnant and had just spent 45 minutes locked in the bathroom with a very angry cat. I told the receptionist that it was going to be me or him and it wasn’t clear yet which way the battle would go. Thankfully she let me reschedule for today when the Irishman would be home to laugh at the whole ordeal help me out.

Thankfully I was able to sneak up on Rafa this morning and get him into the crate. Once there? That was a different story.


See him looking out at me? I’m pretty sure he was making death threats towards me. They thought they were going to have to sedate him in order to do the exam. I signed authorization and left him there. Thankfully Dr. Kristy is fantastic and she was able to examine him and give him his shots without putting him under. I’ve added her to my list of thank you notes to write…and we will be sleeping with our bedroom door closed tonight. That cat holds a grudge!

Oh, and an update on Moses…he has kidney stones. We’ve bought special renal dry cat food, but Rafa is the only one eating it. Moses has developed a taste for Publix brand wet food. Honestly we are all so happy he is eating again that we’ll go for it. He has had a heart murmur for the last couple of years, but thanks to the tests they’ve run for the kidneys they found a heart medicine for him as well. Getting him to TAKE the medicine in another story. All in all though he is doing very well and thankfully the whole ordeal was not nearly as expensive as we’d feared. Now that Rafa’s had his annual appointment we are hoping it will be a while before we visit the vet again!


Daddy and Caitlin had a great morning playing together. They looked so cute in their coordinating outfits that I had to take a photo or two. Every time Morgan picks up Caitlin she rubs the hair on the back of his head. It is so sweet!


We stopped at Old Navy while Rafa was at the vet. (I’d highly recommend their 4th of July sale this weekend! We found some really spectacular deals!) Caitlin colored a picture for the troops and then made friends with the mannequins.


Morgan and the store employees got a kick out of watching Caitlin riding Rover while I finished up the shopping. She'll make friends with just about anyone these days!

Now though it is nap time….my favorite part of the day!

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