Saturday, July 23, 2011


I thought it best to check in. No, I have not gone into labor.

That bug Caitlin had Tuesday night? She decided to share it with us.

Thursday I had an OB appointment. She walked in and and told me I looked pale. It is just a GI bug, so there is not much you can do other than rest and stay hydrated.

Friday morning the Irishman left for work with aches and a slight fever. By lunchtime he'd come home sick and was in bed. Of course, he neglected to take anything for his fever so by 4pm his temperature was 102.4 degrees.

I went to pick up Caitlin from day care and by the time I got home my fever had returned. We were a lovely pair.

Just before midnight the Irishman experienced the vomiting part of this bug. Now I suffer from a touch of emetophobia at the best of times. The doctor said that if I get to the point where I cannot keep down water I have to go to the ER for IV fluids to avoid dehydration. Talk about motivation not to be sick. I was avoiding Morgan for the evening for fear of his germs or reactionary gagging.

I eventually went upstairs to find my husband sprawled out in the middle of our bed, using all but two of the seven pillows on our bed. I'm pretty sure I saw his germs crawling all over the bedroom, so I took the two pillows he hadn't yet infected, changed the cases, and headed downstairs. Once I figured out how to work the pull out bed on the couch, I headed to sleep myself.

This morning before Caitlin got up I wanted to have both of us shower and change into clean PJs. While the Irishman was in the shower I changed the sheets and pillowcases and sprayed everything down with disinfectant spray. I went downstairs to put the sheets in the washer and returned to find Morgan sound the middle of the bed on all five pillows.

Thankfully Caitlin slept in a bit this morning and gave me time to get some disinfecting taken care of. At this point we both have headaches and body aches, but no fever. Our stomachs are a bit sensitive, but okay. Since waking up though? Caitlin is running circles around us. I think she has cabin fever.

Christina and June just stopped by. They put Caitlin down for her nap and are going to the store for us. I am waiting for water to boil so I can make some Jello for later. We've had just about all the toast and chicken soup we can stand.

So, nothing fun to report. I have some pictures I'll get to eventually...once we are no longer quarantined!

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Michelle said...

I'm catching up on your blog... I'm sorry to hear y'all were so sick! It's especially miserable when both parents are sick and the little one feels great and wants to play!