Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Goodnight Cinderella

June and Christina gave Caitlin a Cinderella night dress when they were in town. Our little blond beauty has dabbled in Cinderella dress up once or twice or three times…but who’s counting?


She got this fleece throw from school and noticed pretty quick that the princess on her dress matched the princess on the blanket. She was happy to show us which one it was!






Time to brush our teeth!



Goodnight Princess!


I've finally had more than I can take of this princess' beautiful blond locks. I am calling a local children's salon this morning and making an appointment to get it trimmed. I wish she would let us tie it back, but without that it hangs in her face. We are afraid she is going to start running into things!

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Michelle said...

Such a big girl, brushing her teeth by herself! They grow up so quickly!