Monday, July 11, 2011

Saturday Morning Cartoons

Our summer schedule as been a little more relaxed than usual. During the school year Caitlin in usually in bed before 8 and gets up at 7am. Now that it is summer, nights often go a little past 8 and she rewards us by sleeping until a bit closer to 8. We don’t mind at all!

Well Saturday morning Caitlin decided that she felt like getting up closer to 7 than to 8. (Yes, I know she is a great sleeper….and yes I know that we will soon have a bundle of joy here to change our sleeping habits, but on my first day off work before the new baby I was looking forward to sleeping in just a little bit!)
Morgan and Caitlin were both surprised when I suggested they watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our bed. (I would usually be the one to veto this idea!)  I went to put my contacts in and when I came back I saw a sweet father-daughter moment. I ran downstairs to grab my camera and capture their bonding.
Instead I got this….

I had to laugh when I uploaded the photos. It is so bad it is funny. You’d swear they are saying, “Please don’t make us watch cartoons!”

(Or maybe something happened to Mickey...those are some pretty long faces! Caption ideas anyone?)

Rafa and Moses were pretty impressed with Saturday morning cartoons. They were milling about trying to figure out what was going on, so Caitlin kept waving and telling them hi. Again…not sure how that turned into this photo!


Moses made Caitlin’s day and came up to say hi. I finally got some smiles!


That’s more like it!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

That's the face Rylee makes when the episode is over and she wants another. :)