Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chef in the Pink Dress

After Mass on Sunday (last week so it is pre-haircut!), Caitlin took some time out for a snack.


Bread anyone?


Then she headed into HER kitchen.


The kitchen in now in her little play are in the living room. I am really hoping that this will be the thing that leads to her playing a little more independently. Before she would play in her play area, but only if you were sitting in there with her. Now there is a new game.
First, she must find the right ingredient…


Okay, zucchini will do.


Then she brings it over to the couch where I must be waiting with the pig puppet. Mind you it is not ME she wants, just the pig. You see Mr. Pig must take the food Caitlin brings to him and eat it. She makes, “Yum, yum” sound effects to go along with this.


She is starting to get a lot out of her Melissa and Doug food sets. She is all about using the wooden knife to cut the bread and veggies. The pizza toppings are being fried up in the pan.
We love our little chef in the pink dress!

(BTW – Thank you to Nana for the lovely pink dress!)


I trained the Irishman this afternoon on how to do a blog post. He took copious notes and is already planning his sign off...not sure what that means yet!

We've gone over everything from how to load the pictures onto the computer, to basic editing, to uploading with the watermark. Be sure to leave him some comment love once he becomes guest blogger-extraordinaire!

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