Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Not what I expected...

The first thing I heard this morning when I work up was "Breaking News." It seems that there was a shooting last night at a party held in the University housing at the University where I am employed. (The apartments happen to be right next to the school.)

I could see our school resource officer on the news as I heard them say that the campus was on lock down and there would be no classes today. I watched the news for a while and then the phone started to ring - word getting through the phone tree.

So far I have cleaned my bedroom, worked on my PowerPoint for Boston this weekend, done two loads of laundry, and emptied the dishwasher.

Now instead of giving a multiplication test right now, I think I am going to Home Depot to buy something to plant in my strawberry jar. Not quite what I thought I'd be doing this afternoon!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Brownie Points

Tonight Morgan proved yet again how great he truly is to me. The OGF Girl Scout group I work with had initially scheduled a Mystery Night for tonight. The advisers all figured that the event was canceled, but we found out on Wednesday that they had about 60 girls signed up. So it was a lot of last minute organizing - thankfully the person that usually runs this event is actually an event planner. There would be no one better to get things going!

However being an event planner, Kim had to work tonight so the rest of us stepped in...including Morgan. We were short actors so he reluctantly agreed. It was an event for middle school and high school girls. There were 65 females in the room and two males...and he came in costume. I owe him big! (Although Shannon was our big superstar - she is pregnant, has a cold, and gave up Bon Jovi tickets to be there! What a dedication!)

You have to love the shirt! He played the role of "Mitch Awave."

After a rocky start the event went well. Three girls guessed the correct murdered, motive, and so on. Morgan succeeded in making everyone THINK that he was guilty. He can be such a ham! He played the surfer dude with an attractive Irish accent.

Morgan & Dave

We are now off to bed. Hopefully our 4 legged children will behave tonight. Moses likes to meow as he plays with his toys. He is fine, but he carries on like he is dying. He found his favorite toy at 5am this morning. Then at 6am the light in our bedroom suddenly turned on. I look up to see Rafa hanging from the string that controls the light on the ceiling fan. He was kind enough to then repeat the action to turn the light off. By that point it was a game and I quickly made sure it was out of his reach. I am not sure what got into those two last night!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Books, Books, Books!

Over spring break a couple of weeks ago my sister posted a blog about PaperBackSwap. I spent two days reading reviews and checking the site trying to decided if it was something I wanted to do or not. I tend to doubt things I read online and am quite cautious.

That same week I was trying to get a copy of The Kite Runner. Those of you that know me well know that I can be a bit cheap. I was determined to get this book without paying full price. (I HATE to buy books!) The line at the library was too long so I ruled that one out. The used book store I found would only RENT the book to you for a weekly fee. I wasn't impressed!

So I gathered up a pile of books that I didn't really want any more. Most of the house guests we have had over the last few years have brought books with them on their vacation and then left them for me to keep. I'd read them, but am not one to reread. (I am also trying to declutter!) So with nothing to lose I entered my books on PaperBackSwap. For entering 10 books I immediately got 2 free book choices - and I finally got The Kite Runner! Mission Accomplished!

Many of my books were in high demand - within the first week I mailed off 9 books. When someone requests one of your books you mail it to them at media rate at your expense. (For paperback books that is usually $2 and change - obviously more for a hardcover) You print the label right from the site. When that person receives your book you get a credit you can use to pick out any book. The person who posted the book you want then pays to mail it to you. (Their website explains it better than I can!)

If you feel like trying it out, use my sister as your referral - they just reduced her hours at work and she could use the referral credit to get another book for herself! Her "nickname" is julibeth. She needs it more than I do!

I am hooked on this site. I have ordered a few more kids books for school and another book for me. I have a wish list going of books that are not available yet but I am in line for. They have over 2 million books listed. It is impressive!

It is just another little way to save money and recycle/reuse!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Best Kind of Hurricane Make Up Day...

On Monday morning I was going through my students' folders when I happened to glance at the school calendar on the back of the folder. Without thinking I said out loud, "Oh! There is no school on Friday!"

They looked at me like I was nuts. "Uh, yeah, and Thursday is a half day." (Repeated 23 slightly staggered times in that 'you are so embarrassing me' voice only a kid can use)

The best kind of hurricane make up day is the kind you get when there is no hurricane. Tomorrow was an emergency make up day on the calendar - the first day we would add should we lose a day of school. With a quiet storm season this year it is now a freebie - and I am not complaining!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Not-So-Lazy Lazy Kind of Day!

Well this morning I listed potential activities for today...and we did them all and then some! Morgan joined me for the little league game this morning. We got there for about 2 innings - timed well. I saw one of my students get a base hit and then steal two bases before scoring. (I was afraid I would make them nervous - I guess not!)

After the game we hit Macy's One Day Sale. I had a gift card left over from the TOY event this summer, so we bought Morgan new work pants. On the way home we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. Yum!

We stopped home to change and headed out to the beach. As per request, I have pictures of the "bright sunny Florida weather."

When we got there it was quite crowded, but things emptied out as it got closer to dinner time! We both snoozed a bit - it was a restful way to spend the afternoon. No sunburns either.

After a short trip home to shower and eat some left overs we used some gift cards to go to the movies. We saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It wasn't quite what we were expecting, but it had some funny moments. The big thing was that we finally made it to a movie! We have been trying for a while now - and the times never seem to work out for what we want to see. On the plus side we now have a list of movies to put on our Netflix list!

To finish off the night we stopped at Coldstone on the way home. Morgan got a plain chocolate ice cream that left a chocolate ring around his mouth. It looked like lipstick and made me laugh. (He would hate that I wrote that here, but oh well - it was cute)

It was a spectacular day. I am still a bit surprised that we fit so much in!

Yoga, Reading, & Baseball

So I have decided that I need to relax. I'd started to grind my teeth again at night and other tense habits I'd gotten over for a while. So when they advertised Yoga classes at school I decided to give it a try. The only other time I'd taken yoga classes was when I worked at the charter school. (One of the moms there was allowed to fulfill her volunteer hour requirement by teaching a class for the staff.)

As part of our wellness plan they've brought in a nice gentleman to teach us about yoga, meditation, and other ways to relax. The first class was a little too much talk about meditation for me, but we'll see how it goes. It is nice to not have to leave school - the class is in the media center.

I have also managed to keep reading! During a school week! I LOVE to read but usually only allow myself time to read when traveling or on school vacations. This week I gave myself some time to read on the patio swing in the evening, in the car while waiting for Morgan to finish work, and so on. Now that I have finished the last book I started over spring break I think I will start another. I am promising myself that I will not get carried away. I have been known to let the world stand still as I get lost in my book. It doesn't sound like much, but reading during the school week can be risky! = )

This morning I am going to a little league baseball game. I always tell my students that with enough notice I will try to attend any extracurricular activity they might be involved in outside of school. Today two little boys from my class are playing against each other in a baseball game. I really like both of the families so I am going to go make an appearance. Not too many of them have taken me up on the offer so far this year. It should be fun! I enjoy baseball - even if it is the little league variety!

I am not sure what the rest of the weekend will bring yet. The mall? The beach? The movies? All of the above? This is why I love a lazy Saturday morning!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Knee pain? What knee pain?

I found the one biggest drawback to being home for a week. I made too many trips up and down the stairs! I have had bad knees since high school. (Then they called it patella femoral pain syndrome.) Usually I just ignore the situation and pretend that all is good. I know that isn't really an answer, but it is the easiest thing to do!

I had arthroscopic surgery on my right knee in October. I thought for sure I'd torn something, but it turns out that it is just arthritis of the knee cap. My knee caps do not sit right and so the cartilage on the underside of the knee cap (that should be smooth )looks like a mountain range. In some places it had worn away all together. He evened things out and removed the cartilage that had become "debris."

At my last appointment with the knee specialist he pretty much told me that there is no way to fix it, just to treat the symptoms. Avoid the things that hurt. That means limit trips up and down the stairs - easier said than done!

So since February I was doing very well in my ignore it method. I'd just mentioned to Morgan that all of a sudden everyone was asking about my knee. Random people at school, my family on the phone, the director of CCD, etc. All was going well...

Sunday Morgan called me upstairs to read an e-mail. I 'felt' my knees. It was the first red flag. Morgan went golfing and such so we went to 7pm Mass. I bought 3 new outfits during my week off and I had on a dress with wedge sandals. All of a sudden a felt each and every step. Ouch! Even my 'good' knee hurt!

SO I am back to the point where I have to wear supportive shoes to work. (So much for the cute skirts and dresses!) I almost stopped at the store on the way home from work but decided it was too far to walk. No fun! I have a feeling I aggravated things because I was home to go up and down the stairs last week.

I did find an upside though! Instead of going upstairs to the computer after work I spent almost an hour on the patio swing with ice on my knees reading my book while Morgan took the car. (So much for Scouts...but what can you do!) After all the time I spent fixing up our little yard it was a treat to get to enjoy it!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Date" Night

Morgan and I did the whole dinner and a movie thing tonight...although not like you would expect! He teaches a Geo-Politics course at the university where he works. Tonight he offered his class an extra credit opportunity - come to watch Cry of Freedom in the lecture hall for extra credit.

So I met Morgan for dinner in the cafeteria. (I had mahi mahi and he had the pork loin - both very good!) We then headed to the Green Center where we met 15 students from his class. It was actually a nice evening!

I left the movie a little early to join a conference call with the Girl Scouts to prepare for this weekend's event. I also got a call from my friend Lyndsay. She had her twins last week. Last night we made Stuffed Zucchini. It was quite good - but we had SO much left over we brought some to Lyndsay & Dave. The twins are still in the hospital, but we got to look at the pictures. What cuties!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Spring Break

Morgan has just scared the cats - they have both run upstairs to me. Liverpool just beat Arsenal in the Champions League quarterfinal. Morgan let out a series of yells that have sent both cats into hiding. He took a half day off work to watch the game and they won 4-2. Let's just say it will be a great evening!

Morgan is a HUGE Liverpool fan. He wore a jersey under his tux when we got married. He proposed by saying, "With me you will never walk alone." It was very sweet - but "You'll Never Walk Alone" is also the slogan for Liverpool Football Club. I knew what I was getting into, so I didn't mind. = )

It has been an uneventful few days. We drove down to Sawgrass Mills on Saturday looking for shoes and work clothes. We came back and took a short nap on the patio swing before mosquitoes and ideas for our summer vacation led us back in the house. We are thinking about a cruise again this summer - we'll see.

Sunday we decided to take advantage of the fact that we live exactly 3 miles from the beach. The day started wet and there were horrible storms once we got home, but we had a nice hour or so to enjoy the beach.

Sunday we also discovered that Kohl's was indeed open. I'd planned to go back Monday afternoon (Sunday was a bit too crowded) but I decided to take advantage of the day off and take a nap instead. It turned out to be a wise choice - I got 3 coupons in the mail/e-mail for a total of $25 off. I am looking forward to spending that tomorrow!

I have graded all the papers I brought home with me and took a large laundry basket of clutter to Goodwill. I created a PowerPoint to use at a Girl Scout event this weekend. It is a self-esteem workshop based on the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty.

I have spent the last couple of days looking at how much the media doctors up beauty advertisements. It makes you think!

Today is again a bit overcast so I think Morgan and I may head to a movie tonight. I am going to hit the Early Bird sale at Kohls Grand Opening in the morning. Grandma Betty is coming over after that to help me get the garden in order. Thursday brings a dentist and hair appointment. Other than that, I found a few good used bookstores so I am good to go with lots of books to read!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Four Hours to Freedom

I have four hours left before Spring Break. (Well, I have to work for four hours - I suppose I will leave school for break in about 7 hours from now by the time dismissal is done, but 4 sounds better!) I am actually not teaching anything today! I have a couple of assessments to give and three people scheduled to come in to teach to my class. Combine that with the multitude of students who are beginning vacation early - it is going to be a GREAT day!

I have no big plans for spring break, but I am SO looking forward to it. Morgan and I are going to a party at a coworker's house tonight. I made all my appointments yesterday for the upcoming week - dentist, eye doctor, haircut, etc. Grandma Betty is going to come over and help me get the garden in order.

I will confess though - the one thing I am most looking forward to is KOHLS! The first store in this area opens Wednesday! I make it a habit to stop every time I am in Houston or Orlando. I've always said that Kohls and Sonic were the two things (other than family) that I missed most about Houston. We have had ads for them, but no locations near us. Now Boynton Beach has both!