Monday, April 30, 2012

Funny Face

I’m feeling swamped today.

photo 14

After fighting the stomach bug last week today is about digging out. I am swimming in school work, house work, and thoughts of sleep issues and potty training.

It will take a couple days to recover. I know I have to be patient. This morning I am trying to lighten up and enjoy some funny faces...

Friday, April 27, 2012

Handsome Irish Boy

I found the shirt on clearance at Target and couldn’t resist. He is our handsome Irish boy!






This was the post I had in draft form for today, so it is what you get. The stomach bug got me last night. I felt really bad after school yesterday so I got together some materials for today "just in case" and headed home. (Turns out it wasn't "just in case" and my sub gets to tie dye t-shirts with my class this morning. I'm sure she is going to love me!)

I dare say I've had it the worst of the four of us. I actually passed out last night while nursing Sean. I remember shouting for Morgan that I didn't feel so good. The next thing I knew I'd come to to discover I was shaking and drenched in sweat. I looked down to discover a bucket and not a baby in my lap and I had no idea how it got there. Thank God the Irishman was there to take care of me!

At least I can take comfort in the fact that I get to be sick alone. Caitlin doesn't understand that Mommy is sick and she insisted last night that MOMMY get her a snack and MOMMY fix her chips (french fries). She was super clingy and needy and the poor Irishman had his hands full. He was doing his best, but she wasn't having any of the, "Mommy is sick." that he was trying to tell her. Even a bribe of ice cream was short lived.

The Irishman has been a saint. He went out to the store for me last night after the kids were in bed. He came to my rescue when I passed out. He is taking care of both kids. He e-mailed my plans to school when I got dehydrated and light headed. I'm not sure what I'd do without him!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Makes My Day

A couple of times a week I get picture messages sent to me at school. There is nothing quite like getting back to my desk to find this….

photo 3

and this…

photo 4

waiting for me!


We were all back at work and school yesterday. I still live in fear that my turn is coming, but so far so good. It was an odd day for us in that it felt like a Monday even though it was a Wednesday. I suppose that is a good problem to have though!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Baby (Food) Face

For Caitlin it was carrots,


for Sean it is


banana yogurt.


He loves it!



These are old pictures. Sean has not had banana yogurt in a few days thanks to the plague that has hit our house. He woke up twice last night to nurse...something he almost never does, but he kept it all down without incident so we'll see! He was happy enough to go back to sleep. It is looking like my day will be shaped by how Caitlin wakes up and the diaper change that follows...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We’re Still Here

I heard from a couple of people today who guessed that a lack of a blog post this morning was not a good sign.

We went to bed last night having decided that Caitlin needed to stay home another day and that the Irishman was still recovering but would be okay with her by himself for the day.

Then I went to get Sean for his dream feed.

The poor little guy got sick again. It was all over his crib – and just to prove his point – all over me…again.

The Irishman wasn’t 100% yet and he would have been outnumbered so I stayed home again today.


About two minutes before this Caitlin looked at her father and said, “I sleepy.”


He told her to just close her eyes so she did.


It was a long and much needed nap.


She’d been resisting the idea of a nap so I set up a “special Caitlin bed” on the couch with all her “friends.”



Every time she moved I was sure she was going to wake up.


A couple of times I think she opened one eye and gave me a look before rolling back over and going back to sleep.


She’d been acting fine all day, but a nap like this reminds you that she wasn’t feeling great.

These pictures are actually from Monday. Today she had cabin fever. We painted. We played outside. We painted in the bath. We used magic paint bags. We watered the plants. We watched YouTube videos. We read books. Thank goodness the Irishman felt a bit better this afternoon and was able to help a little. It was a full day!

It would appear now that everyone is on the mend, but my current plan is not to make a plan for tomorrow. I certainly won’t put my biggest fear in writing. Let’s just say I have changed all the sheets (again) and have almost finished a bottle of disinfectant spray!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Last (Wo)man Standing

1:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning – Sean woke up crying. It had only been a couple of house since the dream feed. Moments later I am standing in my bedroom in the dark covered in baby vomit. Somehow the kid managed to stay in the same PJs himself – though I was not as lucky. I rocked him to sleep.

4:30am Sunday morning – Sean woke up starving. He took some Pedialyte and then nursed.
All Day Sunday – We took turns staying home with Sean. I was waiting for a repeat of the night’s events, but thankfully all was okay. I thought we were out of the woods.

I was wrong.

Monday morning…

3am  – The Irishman rolls over in bed and says he doesn't feel so good.

3:30am – I hear the Irishman in the bathroom. I was a good wife and checked on him. Once he was back in bed I got him water and an ice pack.

3:45am Monday  – I sprayed the entire house in Lysol and changed my pillow cases. I considered sleeping on the couch but decided it wouldn’t make a difference at this point. Stomach bugs scare me. A lot.

5:00am – Sean woke up to nurse. Sleeping thought the night tonight would have been too much to ask. He seems to be back to normal though!

5:38am – My alarm goes off.

5:40am – “Mommy – I poopy”

5:41am – Diaper change confirms suspicions. Another one bites the dust.

5:45am – “Mommy – I still cold.” I add another blanket to the bed and wait until she falls asleep. Plan to take Sean to daycare and go to school leaving Caitlin and the Irishman at home.

5:50am – “Could you get me some water and ice?” It isn’t until I get up the stairs with ice water that I realize he meant water to drink and an ice pack for his head. Oops.

5:51am – Caitlin noticed I was up and decided she should be, too. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse it is…

6:15am – Change in plans. Puking daddy feels weak and light headed and isn’t brave enough to take on poopy daughter by himself. Writing lesson plans.


The plague has hit.

I’m the last man standing.

I REALLY hope it stays that way!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Scootin’ and Soarin’

Grandpa Eric and Sandra sent the kids this toy for Easter. It is just slightly too small for Caitlin, but Sean LOVES it!


Speaking of our little guy…guess who is mobile? The kid can cross a room in no time flat. He still crawls with his tummy on the ground, but he is using his arms and legs so it is a matter of time before he moves from scooting and is soaring…heaven help us!



The Irishman took a little video last night of Sean with the plane. Yes, that is a baby pool we are in. Yes, it is in the middle of my living room. My aunt found a whole bunch of them on clearance and sent us home with one at Easter. A certain little two-year-old insisted we set it up last week. She was feverish at the time so we didn’t want to go outside to swim, so the living room was the next best thing.

As luck would have it, the pool is also working as a supervised playpen of sorts for our little guy until we can get the baby play pen (AKA baby jail) out from the storage closet. (The ring of pillows around him no longer cuts it!) Until then we will be flying a plane in a baby pool in the living room. Just a typical day…


To my friends with blogs...

Our computer won't let me visit your blogs to comment. I wanted to comment on Ava's birthday picks and to ask Shannon if it was Dr. C who made the comment about her baby. I wanted to tell Krystyn her baby is beautiful and Elaine that baby K is looking so big! There are many more, but the computer freezes when I visit a blog. Thankfully Google Reader works so I can read what you post, I just can't comment on it!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Siblings on the Swings

After Mass on Sunday we headed to a local fair. The event was fun, but the playground was the highlight for a certain pair of pint-sized visitors.

photo 7

photo 6

I’m pretty sure this was Sean’s first time on the swings. He was taking it all in.

photo 8

photo 9

These are grandparent videos…as in nothing exciting, but there for our parents to see the kids in action.

photo 10

photo 12

photo 13

It won’t be long before he is chasing her around the place!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Caitlin Calls the Hogs

I had a hard time getting this file to upload, but it was worth the wait! About a month ago Caitlin rediscovered her dress up bin. As soon as she found the pompoms she started showing her team spirit.

There is SO much to love about this clip! That’s my girl!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rainy Day Fun

Good Friday was rainy so we took Aunt Julie along with us to a local indoor playground. The kids had a blast!




They had free face painting. Caitlin looked adorable!




She is obsessed with “soap” and hand sanitizer. If you aren’t careful she will empty the dispenser!


Tea for two.


Hey Mr. Tambourine Man!



Good times!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Julie and the Horsies

Caitlin is still talking about the carousel at Disney. The week and a half before Easter she would ask daily to go ride the horsies. I’d told her that we would go to the carousel when Aunt Julie came. Caitlin was thrilled to see her Aunt Julie…and to ride the horsies!

Julie’s first day was a teacher work day for me so I made arrangements to drop off Sean at day care and to go into work late. Julie and Caitlin were going to spend some time at my grandparents’ house that morning, but first we had to see the horsies.

We got to the park and found the playground was closed. I didn’t mind that too much until we saw the carousel was also closed. Panic. By this point Caitlin was screaming for the horsies. She could see them and thought this is some sort of torture technique whereby we make her stare at the carousel without getting out of the car.

I called the Irishman we were tried to think of the nearest back up carousel. I didn’t have time to go there, but I had promised horsies and needed to follow through. I kept looking at the clock. Time was flying by.

Then it happened.

The carousel? It opened at 10am. We’d been too early.

I said some prayers of thanks while Caitlin and Aunt Julie headed off to ride the horsies.




Most of the time she sat in her chair, but there was one go round that she decided to try a horsie. It didn’t last long!






Thank you Aunt Julie for a great time!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Breakfast with the Bunny

Last week Caitlin and Daddy went to breakfast with the Easter Bunny.


We took a quick photo before they left for their special Daddy/Daughter date.


They enjoyed it, but it didn’t compare to a Disney Character breakfast. I guess we’ve been spoiled!


Caitlin enjoyed her basket of goodies and meeting the bunny again.




They confused the poor guy by asking him for a signature.


The Irishman sent this picture to us and my mom joked that when Caitlin is older it isn’t the football team we’ll have to worry about…it is the mascot! ; )