Monday, January 27, 2014

Missing Moses & Grandma Jo

I found these pictures in my Saved folder. I'm not sure if I ever used them or not. Today in 2008 Grandma Jo passed away. When she died, we took in her cat Moses. 

In a funny way we always felt like Moses was a connection to her. He was only a cat, but he looked out for us.

Moses died a few months ago, but these pictures seemed like the right ones to share today.
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(This one doesn't look like it loaded, but I write this post so long ago I don't even know what it is. Maybe it will somehow work once I hit post!)

It makes me sad that my kids never got to meet Grandma Jo. They sure loved MoMo.

Prayers today, please.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Happy Birthday B!

Today is my grandmother's 80th birthday. Last week we took the kids to paint coffee mugs for B. 

The mugs won't be ready for another week, but today is her birthday so I wanted to share the work in progress.

Happy Birthday, 
Grandma Betty!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Rockin' the Sweater Vest

It might have been 82 degrees outside,

but Sean was rocking 

the sweater vest 

this Christmas!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

The Beach - After

We made our annual St. Stephen's Day trip to the beach. It was a little cooler and a little later in the day, but we still had a great time!

Caitlin stole my scarf at one point. She was so proud of herself!


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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

Christmas has come and gone, but it is always nice to look back and share how we spent those days.
The Saturday before Christmas was action packed!

1. Rudolph
We transformed our car into a reindeer, and Toyota became known as Rudolph for the next 2 weeks.

2. The Tree
While mommy stayed at home getting the house ready for Christmas, we ventured off to the local 100 Foot Christmas Tree.

We managed to take a couple of nice shots. Even managed to visit the Nativity scene, climb past the ropes and greet the Baby Jesus.

We also saw the man in red...

Before venturing inside the tree...

The tree is over 100 feet tall

3. Lunch
Is there anywhere better for lunch in terms of value for lunch than Costco? $1.50 for a giant hot dog and soda with free refills!

4. Christmas Lights
We rounded off the day with a trip to see the Christmas lights from the car. 


The Irishman was given the task of blogging about the lead up to Christmas. He had most of the pictures for those events on his phone. I thought that would be 2 blog posts, but it is looking like it might be 4 or 5! The only thing I was going to add to this post was that my grandmother came with us to the lights. Sean was SO impressed that 'B' was in our car. He is still talking about it!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Beach - Before

The "before" in the title actually refers to before Christmas. The car had to go in for service. The Irishman called to say that it would take a couple of hours. The kids and I initiated "Operation Rescue Daddy." When we pulled up to the dealership, Caitlin said, "We are here to save the day!"

We had an hour or so, so we headed to the beach.

(Ignore my finger in this one...)

I wasn't crazy about the idea of burying in the sand, but I was out numbered!

Monkey see, monkey do!

I've been complaining a bit this year about just how warm our winter has been. Days like this help. A little.

We definitely saved the day!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Super Fun Times

The local children's art museum had a super hero exhibit this month, so I took my favorite super heroes down to check it out.

Caitlin was more impressed with the puppet making.

Not to mention the water table...

Daddy got into the fun with this one! He stood on one side of the wall and made impressions for the kids.

Which of course meant they had to try it too!

The only way to get the kids to leave is the promise of a snack and time to run around the giant letters.

(Unfortunately the only way to get them to leave the giant letters is to drag them kicking and screaming, lol!)