Monday, February 24, 2014

Sean's Mouse

After Halloween we found some sticky mice on clearance. I'd planned to use them at school for a project, but we opened one for the kids to play with.

The tail has gone missing, but Sean doesn't care. He throws this thing all over the place. The Iriahman are frequently mistaking the thing for an insect or poop or some other questionable object.

If he is lucky the mouse lands on the ceiling. For days at a time Sean will point up and say, "Mouse on the ROOF!"

Usually the mouse stays there until he can talk Daddy into helping him. This morning he found the cardboard tube from our new area rug. 

He is feeling quite independent!

Such a clever little guy!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fishin' with B

Last week, we headed to B's house after school. The fountain was clean and ready for fish. My two little ones were SO excited!

We picked up my grandmother and brought her to the pet shop. Each kid picked out a fish.

When we got back, we floated the bag and ate popcorn while we waited for the fish to adjust.

Going to B's house is a treat anytime, but they really enjoyed the fish, too!

Fun times!

Why bike when you can run?

After our "date day" we wanted to do something special with the kids. The bikes were still in the back of the van, so we stopped at the trail by the library on our way home.

The kids both started on bikes, but Sean soon decided it was more fun to run after Sissy.

They stopped to smell the flowers.

While Sean lost interest in his own bike, anything Caitlin has is highly sought after.

She got it back in the end.

It was a lovely little walk!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Month to Go

PWith one month to go, we kicked off our St. Patrick's Day celebrations yesterday.

When Caitlin got to school she tried to tell everyone that it was St. Patricks Day and not President's Day. Oops!

The Irishman and I both had the day off, so we had a date day. We don't really have a babysitter, so we try to take advantage of these days the couple of time a year that it happens.

We'd planned to go to a movie, but changed our minds. Shamrock Shakes on the beach? Yes, please!

We love taking the kids to the beach, but it was lovely to just enjoy doing nothing together. We left feeling rested and refreshed.