Friday, July 15, 2011

Finding Her Style

Two of Caitlin’s Irish aunties are in town. We were visiting after my water aerobics class on Monday night so we decided to give Caitlin a bath in their hotel room before heading home. The back up outfit dress we had in the diaper bag became her PJs for the night.

The next morning we played with her hair. This usually involves me putting in some type of hair tie and her pulling it out and trying to put it back in herself. Repeat. Over and over. Well she apparently had gotten distracted and forgot that I’d put in a ponytail holder. (It lasted until after breakfast when she saw herself in the mirror and the game began all over again.)

Then Daddy left for work and Caitlin decided that she needed, “SHOOS!” as well so she put on her favorite pair of pink Crocs.

Next up she found an old bib of hers I’d washed for the new baby. We have a sudden interest in bibs…but I’m okay with that. It could be worse!

The final accessory was a pink sparkly cat toy. She has taken a much greater interest in the "BALL” than the cats do at the moment so it is all good.

The end result:




She’s too funny!

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Michelle said...

So cute! She looks quite adorable in her choosen outfit! :)