Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Naps Needed


I love this picture, but she does look a little sad in it, so I thought it would work for today!

Boy what a couple of days. Yesterday Caitlin went to school while I worked on my to do list. I got a lot done, but also doubled the list as I thought of more things I needed to get done. At about 4pm I took a quick shower. My sister-in-laws were borrowing the Irishman’s car, so I picked up Caitlin and then Morgan. Caitlin was thrilled to see her Daddy.

We also acquired stroller #7 yesterday. I hadn’t cleaned out the trunk, so when the Irishman wheeled it out it ended up in the front seat. As luck would have it that put the Irishman in the back seat with Caitlin.

We were about 10-15 minutes from home when Caitlin got sick. She has never thrown up like that. The car seat and her outfit were destroyed. I was able to pull over and we used extra diapers, a roll of paper towels, and a change of clothes to make the rest of the drive home slightly more tolerable.

It is about this time that the low fuel light came on.

I’d planned to send the Irishman out for gas when we got home. I guess I miscalculated. We had to make an extra stop on the way home with a crying, sick baby. Yep…cue the Mommy guilt.

When we got home we bathed Caitlin and tried to get her rehydrated. She was starving and decided it was not possible to watch Mickey Mouse without a snack. We were able to steer her towards Cheerios instead of Goldfish. All attempts and anything else were unsuccessful.

At about this time I decided to call my mom. As it turns out I scrolled one number too far through the preset numbers. I learned last night that “Michael” is the preset after “Mom” in our phones. I’m not sure who was more shocked…me or my brother-in-law who answered a phone call in the middle of the night. (This is not the first time I've done something like this!)  Thankfully I managed NOT to wake his two kids…

June and Christina stopped at the store on their way to our house and picked up some pedialyte. By the time they got here Caitlin was dancing around. The Irishman did surgery on the car seat….he took apart and rinsed everything he could.

Caitlin has not gotten sick again, but she is cranky and running a slight fever. She has also decided she does not like having her temperature taken or Tylenol. Fun times.

Me? I woke up exhausted. So tired I ache. As part of our morning routine, Caitlin watches 1 episode of her 2 daily 20 minute episodes of cartoons while I get dressed in the morning. This morning I dozed through it…and thankfully she let me.

She fought her nap this afternoon. I was terrified that she would make herself sick. Thankfully she is now asleep and I was able to return phone calls and such. Now if you will excuse me…I have a nap to take!


Agate Lake Girl said...

Uh, it sounds like you all had one of those days. Sorry to hear that Caitlin isn't feeling well. Hope everything is back to normal soon. :)

Elaine A. said...

Oh goodness, so sorry. I hope she is feeling better! We've had some rough nap times this week around here. What's up with these girls? ;)