Thursday, July 28, 2011

Caitlin’s First Haircut

Tuesday afternoon I broke down and took Caitlin for her first haircut. I found a local place that I had heard really great things about. My grandmother came along – both to take in the milestone and as a back up pair of hands in case things didn’t go so well.
Here is a “before” shot. I really didn’t want to get her hair cut, but the front was hanging down to her nose!

She was taken to the Panda station. She was VERY quiet but didn’t fuss at all as they put the cape on her.


Pink bear came along, but half way through she gave him a kiss and handed him to me to hold until she was finished.


Once her hair was cut, she was all over the place. She smiled and waved and said, “Hi” to everyone.

They even gave her a little certificate with a lock of her hair on it.

Great Grandma Betty was so proud of Caitlin that she went to the bakery next door and bought some goodies to celebrate. We went back to her house so Grandpa could join our little party.


Of course, no trip to GGB’s is complete without playing in the backyard!

We are really happy with how it all went and the finished “do.” She looks so cute!


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Run DMT said...

So precious! Those first haircut moments are so special and it was even more special with your Great Grandma Betty there to share it with you.

It's been a while since I've been here. I didn't realize you were pregnant! Congratulations!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

awwww! what a cutie! how cool that they provide the first haircut paper. that makes it easier on mom!

Michelle said...

She does look really and I love the new hair cut! I also love the picture that shows the two of you. You look great! Hope your weekend is going well!