Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Children's Museum

Yeah, we have been back from Houston for a week and a half.

Yes, I am still blogging about it.

Expect two or three or four more Houston posts.
It was an awesome trip and I took a lot of pictures.


While in Houston we met up with my friend Tracy and her family. Tracy and I were in scouts together way back in the day. She has a brother just a little younger than my brother so our families often got together when we were younger.

Now she is married and has a handsome little boy named William. (Yet another older boy for Caitlin to meet...this seems to be the trend!)

William was very well-behaved, but he wasn't going to let a girl slow him down! He is a Children's Museum expert, so he led his dad all around his favorites in the Tot Spot while Tracy, Mom, and I visited. (And again the Irishman put up with my gabbing...I did make it up to him though!)

Caitlin loved the balls....

and the mirror...

...and the books.

Tracy and I spied the same book in the reading corner.

Sort of.

We both picked up what we thought was "Moo, Baa, LaLaLa" only to discover it was "Muu. Beee. ¡Así fue!" instead. Sandra Boynton books are favorites for both families, but the translation of the animal sounds was not what we expected to see. I thought it was funny to watch her reaction after I had just picked up the same book myself.

We had a fantastic time at the museum! Great place, great company - can't ask for more!


What a week.

I have about a months worth of photos to upload, edit, and share and only about 30 minutes left of nap time. The Irishman is back at work today...and still waiting to pass the stone. He figured he might as well get paid to wait instead of sitting at home.

On the tooth front, Caitlin was kind enough to give me a glimpse of tooth #6. Thankfully it was not as big an ordeal as #5 was! Caitlin and I have had play dates all week and have a couple left before my summer vacation ends. This is the one week of the year where I do not look forward to the weekend!

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Krystyn said...

I sure hope everybody is feeling better. Doesn't sound like fun times at all!

However, the museum looks like a blast. We haven't done a museum in a while.