Friday, August 20, 2010

A Great, Grand Visit

A couple of weeks ago, my grandparents had some visitors. Two of their great-grandchildren from the other coast of Florida came to stay for a long weekend. (My cousin, his wife, and my aunt came too - be we all know how it goes when there are grandchildren involved...)

Can't remember if I explained the GGB thing or not. Growing up my grandparents were GB and GB. Now to the little ones they are GGB...Great Grandma Betty and Great Grandpa Boo.

We stopped by GGBs' house a couple of times to play and to splash around in the kiddie pool.

Caitlin crawled up and down GGB's halls. Her older cousins enjoyed following "the little baby" around. Sophia stopped for a story from her Grandma Emmy and Caitlin decided to listen as well.

Sophia is about six month older than Caitlin. They played together well! Here they are "sharing" a cup of ice. I love the cheesy camera face.

With all four great-grandkids in the same place we decided to attempt a picture for GGB. Four at once is no easy task!

It was fun to see Sophie, Mike, Caitlin, and Aiden all together again. (And to see Emily, Charles, and Christina, too!)


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Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

There's nothing like family get-to-gethers or photos ops with lots of little kids!

Agate Lake Girl said...

I love the "smart cookie" girl scout tee. One of Rylee's favorites. :)

I'm sure you've seen my posts about the photo shoots with Rylee and her 3 cousins (all under 5). We always come so close to having the perfect photo... so so close! :)

Lolli said...

I bet those were some really happy grandparents! I love family get-togethers, too!