Monday, August 30, 2010

Saturday Slides

Saturday morning I got the bright idea that we would walk to the park as a family when Caitlin woke up from her morning nap. I told the Irishman that we could swing and slide with Caitlin. It was a wonderful idea...

I forgot that we live in Florida and it is August. We walked out of the house and I suggested maybe we should drive to the park. The Irishman loves taking the baby on walks...and strangely loves the insane we walked on.

By the time we got there we were melting and had each almost finished our water bottles. (Caitlin included) That was when we saw this:

It is a lovely playground, but not the most baby friendly. Not a swing in sight. Those blue slides? You could bake a baby egg on those things after they've spent all morning in the sun.

We posed at the bottom of the big slides for a few pictures. We gone to an awful lot of trouble to just sit at the bottom of the slide. I looked up and got brave.

Caitlin didn't mind at all! We started on the smaller of the two and got wonderful smiles from the little one.  She was happy to come along for the ride and loved that she had Daddy there to catch us snap the pictures!
(And no, she did not go on herself...bottom left is a posed picture!)

Someday soon I am sure these slides will be a regular destination!


After our adventures we spent some time hanging out and enjoying the shade...

before heading back home to the air conditioning! 


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Janet Rose said...

You have an adorable little girl! Every time you go to those slides you'll have this day on your mind.

Sheila said...

These are pretty pictures. I love the header of your blog. beautiful

Agate Lake Girl said...

You need to do what I did - go on a quest for parks with sun shades! I did exhaustive research in our area and now have a handful of places to choose from. :)

Krystyn said...

It sure looks like a nice place...but it looks super hot, too!

Michelle said...

Caitlin looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures even though I'm sure she was a hot mess. :) Your camera takes BEAUTIFUL pictures!