Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oil Change + Diaper Change? No Problem

While the Irishman was at home recovering the day after his adventure, I was trying to figure out how to get a badly needed oil change. The tires were in dire need of air. I hate taking the car at the best of time and adding a baby to the mix wasn't helping.

At about this time I got an e-mail from Shannon inviting us to join them at a local mall with a couple of her friends and their little ones. She said the play station was between Sears and Dillards. I am sure if you were standing near me you'd have seen the light bulb...

Caitlin had an 11:15 doctor appointment. There would not be time for a nap at home so we headed out. She dozed in the car on the way to the mall. I dropped the car off at Sears for an oil change and took Caitlin into the mall to play and visit.

In about an hour the car was ready to pick up and we headed to her nine month check up.

Now THAT'S how to do an oil change with the baby in tow!

This post has been saved and waiting for about a week now, but the Irishman's medical situation is still not resolved. Morgan has been back at work and trying to ignore things, but he broke down and went to the doctor yesterday. The "small stone" is actually 5 mm and hasn't passed yet. He is not in pain any more, but it is making things uncomfortable. The doctor was really good though and gave him some medication to help. As it turns out the doctor has a trip to Ireland planned for next year so he was thrilled to meet the Irishman.


Agate Lake Girl said...

Poor Morgan. I hope he gets over this soon. I'm glad you gals made it out that day. It was fun And an oil change too - bonus!

Michelle said...

Good job multi-tasking, Mommy!! It looks like it made for a fun day for you and Caitlin. I'm sorry Morgan wasn't feeling well enough to go! Praying that he is starting to feel better now!