Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Teeth Trouble

Caitlin now has four teeth, but we suspect there are more on the way. We could NOT get her to nurse last night and it seemed that her teeth/ear were bugging her. We do not have any teething rings with us here, so we had to improvise.

My friend Mauree mentioned that she used frozen waffles instead of teething biscuits.

After a while she'd had enough and threw the waffle to the dogs...literally.

Up next was a coconut fruit bar. I was a bit uneasy about this, but I looked it up online and decided it wouldn't kill her...

although you might not think so based on the looks on her face!
(Though she did like the cold and kept going for it again and again...)

We eventually found a frozen mug for her to chew on for a bit until she was ready for her bedtime Mommy milk. I am more than ready for these teeth to get here already!


Elaine A. said...

You can also freeze a wet baby wash cloth. We've been known to do that here before...

And my K only has her two bottoms still. I'm wondering where all the teeth are.

Hope Caitlin feels better today!

Mauree said...

and you know the yuckiest part of that story is that the big boys will still ask for a frozen waffle to eat. I think that is so disgusting. What have I done to them? Oh and they prefer the cinnamon toast kind :)! Also, I have friends that swear by teething tablets. You can find them at Walmart in the baby aisle I think.

Michelle said...

Poor Caitlin! I've also been told that frozen fruit works well. You put it on those little "Fresh Food Feaders" made by Munchkin, that way they are just sucking on the frozen fruit and don't actually bite off any that they can choke on. Obviously, we haven't tried this with Ava yet as she's too little, but we also use the teething tablets (though we have to buy ours at Walgreens) and they work wonderfully!