Tuesday, August 17, 2010

9 Months

Last Tuesday marked the beginning of Caitlin's 9th month.

The Irishman was REALLY looking forward to this day. He had been waiting for it for months.

You see I made a promise.

After this....and this....and this...

I promised this:

In honor of the beginning of the soccer season this month I promised Morgan that Caitlin could wear her Liverpool kit for her monthly pictures. He was afraid she would outgrow the outfit before she had the pictures taken. He can rest easy now!

Caitlin was growing over the summer! She has sprouted up three inches since her six month appointment. (Yesterday's moo-ving tale...) We were surprised to learn that she LOST a couple of ounces in that time. I talked it over with the doctor. She doesn't have much interest in nursing or the bottle. We feed her until she refuses, so there is not much more we can do! The doctor seems to think she is just going to be tall and skinny like we were as kids. She is also definitely active!

She grinned at me last night and I counted seven teeth. She loves her food, and carrots are still her favorites. We are working on finger foods...she loves cheerios and waffles. We are working on adding some others, but most of the time she spits it back out at us.

Headbands are pulled off instantly and must be saved before destruction. I can still sneak a bow on her if I am careful. It usually lasts until she notices it is there. I am having surprising luck with this method!

As you can tell from the pictures Caitlin is on the move. She pulls up on everything and crawls with lightening fast speed. Our neighbor with twins was just saying that this was her favorite stage with her boys and I can see why. She is growing up so fast and learning new things every day.

Caitlin is such a happy baby and she brings so much joy to our lives!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Congrats to not-so-little Caitlin on her 9th month!