Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Her Father’s Daughter

In order to appreciate this post you need a little bit of background. First – Caitlin loves to wash her hands. When she comes to a play kitchen, the first thing she does is wash her hands in the sink. Saturday morning I put a step stool up to the sink in her bathroom and she discovered that she can wash her hands by herself! She spent at least an hour this weekend washing hands, playing in the soap, and brushing her teeth. Hey – it is good clean fun!

Saturday night at bath time I told the Irishman I’d picked up a surprise for Caitlin while I was at Target that morning. I pulled out the bottle of shaving cream and he scoffed. I believe his words were, “You call that a surprise?”




Now, the other thing you need to keep in mind is that the Irishman LOVES Christmas.

You might remember this blog header from last year:


Well, each morning as he and Caitlin walk down the stairs, the Irishman points out a picture of Mommy, Daddy, and Santa framed on the wall. It is the same every morning….”There’s Mommy. There’s Daddy. And what does Santa say?”

It has gotten to the point that anytime Caitlin sees a Santa picture, toy, or even a Santa hat (which happens somehow more than it should in this house…) she goes, “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

This leads us to…


...and yes, she was saying, “Ho, Ho, Ho!” the whole time!


(Alternatively titled, “How he REALLY sees himself”)


Needless to say, they have a new favorite bath time game….and at the rate they are using it up, shaving cream will be a regular on my weekly shopping list!


Anonymous said...

Ho ho hilarious! :)


Kellie said...

That is so cute! I love it :) While we don't have the Santa element in our games, shaving cream is a favorite for Nathan and our kids, too.

Michelle said...

So stinkin cute! What a fun bath time game!

By the way I'm obviously behind on my blog reading. Sorry!