Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Thursday

Okay so it has been a while since I’ve done a completely random post, but this one should be…


I had a follow up ultrasound with the high-risk OB Monday. They found a cyst on the baby’s brain during my regular testing so we had a follow up. (That sounds scary, but it was the same thing they found with Caitlin and we’ve decided it is something they only know about now because technology has improved) Thankfully though the cyst has gone away.

What they did find was that this little boy is looking big. He is estimated at 3 and a half pounds and in the 85-90th percentile already. (I’m 28 weeks) Not too surprising considering my family history of big babies and Caitlin was a big baby.

When the doctor sat down and started with, “I don’t want you to worry…” we knew it was coming. We again were told not to Google this information. (This is the third time in two pregnancies we’ve been advised to avoid Google.) My amniotic fluid level is slightly high. As in normal range ends at 25 and they measured 26. I passed my gestational diabetes test, so they can rule that out as a cause. The high risk OB seemed to think it is most likely just because the baby is big, but they are going to monitor it anyway.

I have an appointment with my regular OB today and I am looking forward to hearing her thoughts on it. She is the most calming person – I trust her completely! Honestly I am not too worried about it. I did break down and Google it and cautiously read some of the implications and the stories of false alarms. I also know that if the doctor was really worried about it she would want to see me back sooner than three weeks.

On the plus side? It means an extra ultrasound. I’m hoping this baby decides to show us his face this time…so far he is far more proud of showing off his little boy parts!


I’m going to Babies R Us on my way home from the doctor today. The person who decided to build that store across from the hospital & doctors’ offices was really quite smart! Morgan is going to pick up Caitlin so I have time to wander the store by myself…and I am SO looking forward to it! I have my Baby Bargains book packed in my school bag and I am ready to shop!


We stopped at Whole Foods on Mother’s Day to pick up something for my grandmother. Other than having the best fresh herbs at reasonable prices,


we decided they also have the best shopping carts




Such fun!


In the not so much fun category, our cat Moses is sick. He’s lost 5 pounds…which is a really big deal when you start out at 15 pounds.


He is a GOOD cat. He belonged to my Grandma Jo before she died and we even took him to visit her in the hospice wing of the hospital. Moses being sick brings up all kinds of feelings about missing her and the jewlery that was stolen…and pregnancy hormones don’t help.


He’s had a few tests run and it seems to be his kidneys. He has a slight infection, but it looks like it may be genetic. We have a special food and some medicine for him and we take him back for fluids this weekend and more blood tests Monday.


He doesn’t seem to be uncomfortable at all – in fact he has been more active than usual now that he is not so overweight. Unfortunately though he is sick and too thin.  We hope it all goes okay.


And to end on a more positive note….Our other favorite thing right now? Magnum Ice Cream Bars. Morgan used to get these in Ireland and they now sell them on this side of the pond. YUM!


Happy Thursday!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the cyst and Moses. Keep us posted Hopefully the cyst will be nothing like you said, but I'll keep him in my prayers just in case.