Thursday, May 26, 2011

Using Her Words

Caitlin’s vocabulary is growing everyday. I thought it was time to review some of her newest words…

If you spend any time at our house at all, you will hear Caitlin shouting for Mama. She repeats, “Mama! Mama! Mama!” over and over again.
Meet “Mama.”


It didn’t start this way…I USED to be “Mama,” but not any more. Now, she says “Mama” while holding out a cell phone or ipod asking to watch Elmo….or finds one of the half dozen Elmos around the house and joyously shouts his name.


She and I are not even out of the car each afternoon she starts to ask for, “Dada.”


She has become SUCH a Daddy’s girl! I don't have a name these days, but Daddy sure does!


Most of her words make sense….



Some aren’t quite as clear…
“More” has come to mean a bowl of crackers. (Preferably goldfish)


She has the word, “Up”
She will sit in the toddler chair and lift her feet up shouting, “Up!”
Sometimes you can make out a, “Down!”


Then there are her songs…
Her current list of favorites are, “The Wheels on the Bus",” The Itsy Bitsy Spider,” “She’ll be Coming Around the Mountain,” and “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”

When she wants to listen to her CD she makes the opening hand motions for “The Wheels on the Bus.” We’ve taught her how to turn on the CD player and that is the first song. Our old CD player broke and there was about a week where she would motion, push the button, and then get very upset with the fact that there was no music. Thankfully I had a back up CD Player in my classroom!


They must do “Ring Around the Rosie” at school…because she often grabs your hands and says, “ASHES, ASHES.” In her mind it means you fall down, but it makes me laugh when she says it out of context…like at Sunday Mass last week.

This is her new favorite YouTube Video. We have watched more of “Elmo’s Song” than should be legally permitted so the Irishman has been looking to expand the Sesame Street song collection.

She sings along, dances, and waves her arms above her head as she listens to this one…it is SO darn cute!
She’s growing up so fast!


Ruthie said...

Great song, I had never heard it before!

Michelle said...

Love the vocabulary update. I know what you mean about not having a name... Ava only says "Mama" when she's really really upset and not getting what she wants. She has never said it any other time, though "Dada" is heard countless times every day. Our silly girls!