Thursday, May 12, 2011

Library Fun

Our books were due on Saturday, so took a trip to the library. Caitlin loves the fun things to do at the library!


There is a whole table of puzzles for her to play with.


There was another family in the children’s section while we were there. The grandparents had four kids with them…ranging in age from about 2 and a half to 13. Caitlin made friends. The girls were fussing over how pretty Caitlin is while their little brother wanted to know why her hair was like “that” – I’m pretty sure he’d never met a blond-headed child before. Their little girl (about 2nd grade maybe) said she’d never seen a camera like mine and asked if she could take Caitlin’s picture. She didn’t do too bad!


Of course Caitlin spent time with her other favorite friends at the library.


There might have been a few books there as well.

(Though Caitlin takes more notice of the books once we get home and she sees what I’ve picked out for her!)

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angie said...

Love this. The library is one of my absolute favorite places.