Monday, May 2, 2011

Outfits #2 and #3

I was up way too late watching the news last night and as I feared it led to busy dreams. It is hard to wake up rested when you spent the night dreaming that your school was on lock down with an active shooter!

I’d planned to finish my Easter posts over the weekend, but that didn’t happen. We had a lovely lazy weekend. I managed to finally get my hair cut and had a chance to do some shopping on the way home. I was in a dollar store looking for Elmo Bath Books when a random older woman stopped me to tell me that I was "carrying very well." It made me laugh!

For my Mommy friends…I found that Tuesday Morning has iPlay swimsuits and swim diapers for really good prices. (I’m talking $25 suits for $6.99) These are my favorites so I actually stopped at two stores on my way home and bought four suits for each of our kids…and little man isn’t even here yet!

Speaking of swimsuits, this first photo is Caitlin’s Easter outfit #2. I foolishly forgot to bring a change of clothes to the beach for Sunrise Mass. After her little swim in her Easter clothes we put her in the only other outfit we had with us…her swimsuit! We stopped for breakfast on the way home. That kid LOVES croissants!


After a quick bath at home to get the sand out of her ears, we put on the dress Nana sent her (Outfit #3 if you are counting) and headed to our local parish for an Easter Egg hunt. Caitlin was the youngest one there, but she held her own! The Knights of Columbus organizing the event were concerned she wouldn’t get any eggs so they watched out for her as well. Those men are fantastic! They always come around to say hi to Caitlin at Mass each week!





About half-way through Caitlin decided to start taking the eggs out of her bag...oh well!



Caitlin tried the Tootsie Rolls from her one of her eggs, but she really doesn’t care much for chocolate. (Though she LOVES white chocolate!)


When we got home I had to swap out the contents of the eggs for Goldfish and Honey Bunnies. Of course that left more chocolate for Daddy!


We've been opening Easter Eggs for her ever since!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Thanks for the tip. You can never have too many swimsuits in Florida!