Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Adjusting Our Plans

I’d planned to post this morning about the story behind this chair. Then I remembered that I promised to make cookies for tonight’s volunteer appreciation dinner. Nothing like making Coconut Macaroons at 6am. Oops.


The video is still on the Irishman’s phone, so that will have to wait. Instead I give you random photos taken before lunch on Sunday. Just because.


I wanted a picture of Caitlin and I together in our church dresses. Caitlin had other plans. I left out the ones of me hold a squirming toddler. It is hard to look graceful at 30 weeks pregnant holding a squirming toddler. I have a lot of those photos these days!


This time of year makes me crazy. I have papers to grade and reports to write. I made three doctors appointments yesterday alone.


Our plans don’t often seem to go as I hoped they would,


but that’s okay.


Summer is almost here!


Though yes, I am working at the same summer program I did last year. It is only half a day though and it does not require grading papers or reports. Working the summer will let me extend my maternity leave a little longer in the fall. That plan is worth it to me!

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Elaine A. said...

I love all of your pictures together in your pretty dresses. :-) Yay for Summer!