Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Caitlin’s Furry Friends

Okay, so maybe I have one last Easter post…but other than the Easter bonnet Caitlin is wearing it isn’t really related to the holiday. I mentioned that we saw the World’s Largest Easter Bunny, but I neglected to mention Caitlin’s furry friends that were also at the Easter carnival…

After trying many times, she finally met the man in red. (I am sure that the Irishman would argue that there is only one man in red and he does not live on Sesame Street, but Caitlin might not see it that way yet!) This particular red furry friend does birthday parties so he was trying REALLY hard to make a good impression.


He held Caitlin,


talked to her,


danced with her,


tickled her,


posed for photos with her,


even wore her hat at one point.


In the end though it was another kind of furry friend that won her heart!


Not even two yet,


and she is already begging to bring home baby chicks and bunnies!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Rylee was excited to see Caitlin with Elmo!