Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother’s Day!

 Caitlin and the Irishman got me a new camera for Mother’s Day this year. Our old “point and shoot” died soon after I got my “good” camera last fall. I love the camera I have, but I wanted something I could throw in the diaper bag. Morgan did his research and I am thrilled with the one he picked out.

I wanted something that could take videos (the big camera doesn’t do that) and this one actually takes HD video. Pretty snazzy!  My plan for Mother’s Day this morning was to get a video of Caitlin saying, “Hi!” then blowing kisses, and saying, “Bye!” She does all three of these things ALL the time.

We did a trial run this morning in her PJs.
My goal had been to recreate these actions while wearing her church clothes.  I’ll spare you the three videos we took outside…let’s just say at least one of them ended with eating rocks instead of blowing kisses. We came close once we got inside – if you pretend that she is showing affection for her grandmothers and not Moses the cat.

Right before naptime we decided to try one last time. She was blowing kisses to Daddy so he grabbed the camera to try to catch her in the act. Instead she decided to show off one of her other newly-discovered skills.
We’re so proud…can’t you tell?


So, to Grandma Laura, Great-Grandma Betty, and Nana -

Happy Mother’s Day!
We love you!

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sheri said...

I'm impressed with her cat-petting skills! Daniel still picks ours up around the middle and runs with her. Not nearly as gentle as your sweetheart!