Monday, May 23, 2011

Meet Some of Caitlin’s Friends

Now that she is a little older, Caitlin sleeps with several of her favorite friends in the crib with her at night. It all started when we were fight jet lag after our trip to Ireland. Caitlin was waking up early and after a week, we decided it was time to let her cry it out. One of the books I read said to be sure that you had lots of items for a toddler to throw out if they got frustrated…so we added several of her favorite friends.

Now the first thing she does in the morning is hand them to us one at a time. We say good morning to each of the seven stuffed animals in her crib and move them over to the daybed to join Caitlin as she drinks her cup of milk.

When we put all her favorite friends (plus a few extra) in the ball pit, she had to make sure that each one got some special attention.

First there is Little Elmo.


He is actually a triplet. There is also a Little Elmo downstairs in the play area and one packed away….just in case!


Next up is Minnie.




I didn’t forget you Kermit!


Hi Mr. Shamrock!


Good afternoon medium-sized Elmo!


So, Mr. Bear – what do you think of the ball pit?


I know, isn’t it great?


And of course there is her newest friend…


my camera!


Update on Moses:

The Irishman and I are fearing the worst when it comes to Moses. He has been on medication and fluids for the last week, but he just isn’t eating. We tried everything we could think of…boiled chicken, tuna, special food.  He goes back to the vet for a blood test today. We are both a bit scared to hear the results. He has been really loving and doesn’t seem to be in pain, but he just won’t eat more than a bite or two a day. We are preparing ourselves for bad news.


Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear about Moses. :(

Shannon & Rylee

Michelle said...

How is Moses doing? What a fun idea, putting a ball pit in Caitlin's room.

Michelle said...

How is Moses doing now?