Monday, May 16, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday: The Hat

Caitlin’s Aunt Christina sent her a lovely navy hat with a red bow. When we were getting Caitlin dressed for Mass on Sunday we knew that had to be part of the outfit. Our little girl is very independent and curious, but she will wear a hat for a little while….if she feels like it!


My choice in clothes these days is a lot more limited than daughter’s. I grabbed this dress from the top of the clean laundry pile and it was not until we were half way out the door that I realized we matched. After Mass we stopped outside the church for a quick picture in the new hat.


Caitlin decided the hat was better held than worn. It was about to rain…she is much better at wearing hats when it really is for keeping the sun out of her eyes. Can’t blame her for being practical!


She’s such a character!

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Elaine A. said...

You two definitely look cute together! And the hat is precious.

K won't keep anything like that on her head. I bought her some cute sunglasses too and she threw them on the floor! HA!

anne said...

I so love the color of her hair, you and your daughter are pretty. Mine is up and its here SAHM’s Online Diary,thanks !

Krystyn said...

My kids aren't fans of the hats, either...but they will wear them if it's super sunny (note to self, bring one tomorrow for soccer).

Love your dresses, too.