Saturday, April 23, 2011

World’s Largest Easter Bunny

We went to a local Easter carnival this afternoon. They’d advertised an Easter Egg hunt, but as it turns out they gave you a bag and you went from booth to booth to collect your eggs.


Not quite what I had in mind, but Caitlin didn’t seem to mind!


They also advertised that they would have the world’s largest Easter Bunny. I sent the Irishman over with Caitlin for a quick photo.


There was no one around we’d trust to hand the camera over for a family photo, so we decided to try for one of Caitlin on her own.


The idea was for the Irishman to quickly step out of the photo so I could get one of just Caitlin and the Bunny. Instead it looks like the Irishman is running for his life away from the rabbit…and Caitlin. (It reminds me of Indiana Jones running from the boulder!) 

I literally laughed for 5 minutes when I uploaded photos tonight and saw this one.


In the end we did get the photos we were after….


sort of!


Tomorrow is the annual Sunrise Mass at the beach and then an Easter Egg Hunt at another local parish before Easter dinner at my grandparents’ house. Caitlin has not one, but two Easter outfits planned for the day…but that shouldn’t really be a surprise! We’re just hoping Easter Mass doesn’t include a mid-Mass Easter ocean dip for our little girl!

Happy Easter!


Agate Lake Girl said...

Cute (and funny) photos! Happy Easter!

Find a Doctor said...

all are very sweet baby, i love baby, they all are very funny..