Thursday, January 28, 2010

You've Got Mail

Yesterday I finally took down our Christmas cards. They had been on the wire tree in the dining room. A few weeks ago I planned in my head an entire post about mail.
Caitlin was born in November...and then Christmas in December. That meant we had two months of wonderful mail. Every time we went to the mailbox we had a wonderful card or two waiting for us. It was something we looked forward to each day.
Then came January.
All we got were medical bills, "You've been pre-approved" credit card letters, and junk mail. It was looking bleak.
Then this came:
Mommy to the rescue! (And I think Moses must have known the package was from her...he NEVER gets in the shots!) I LOVE these outfits. There were goodies for all three of us. Super special! Thank you Grandma Laura!
Then I got the Shutterfly freebies I'd ordered. Through my money-saving blog search I found coupon codes for a free 8x8 photobook and a 12x20 calendar poster. Both came last week and are FANTASTIC. We've ordered photo gifts before, but the quality of these items stands out. I have a couple of good coupon codes for more goodies now that I can't wait to use!
I've also ordered diapers from three companies. So far all I've gotten are the pre-folds and a plain cover. I have two more cute covers and two super-cute flower printed pocket diapers on the way. I can't wait for them to come!
For now I am off to finish my thank you notes for all the goodies we got in the mail! (So if we owe you a note, please know it is on the way...)
This morning's "Mission Impossible" morning practice has been a disaster! My mother-in-law got in last night so I didn't shower then like I should have...I said I'd do it during morning nap. Caitlin got up at 5:30...right as I was trying to sneak out of the room. I fed her and put her back down...and it is taking her forever to settle. She is falling asleep and waking back up. I think this is just because we were telling the Irishman's mom about how great she is at night...
Oh, and the outfits that were sent along in Nana's suitcase? Also super cute. There will be many pictures to follow!
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sheri said...

Just a note: For Daniel, the opposite is true (about bragging on him, that is). If I complain about something he's doing, or mention it to the doctor, it suddenly stops. Amazing. Give it a shot sometime!