Thursday, January 14, 2010

Smiles for Mommy

Somehow Caitlin ended up with LOTS of "Daddy" items. She has onesies, bibs, and more that profess her love for her father. I love it...I do...but I want my turn too!

I got it today...with a smile to go along with it!
Update: Grandpa Boo's surgery went well and the doctor is pleased with things. Thank you for the prayers!
And finally...I've read several blogs today that declare it De-lurking Day/Week/Time of Year. If you happen to be one of those people who visit and read my blog (or any other blog) but haven't gotten up the nerve to leave a comment, this is your chance! I promise it won't hurt. Now to go do some "De-lurking" of my own...
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Brittany Ann said...

She definitely needs more Mommy items! Look how smiley she is when wearing them!

Basham said...

She is so cute and I can see an adorable personality!

Michelle said...

Absolutely precious pictures! :)