Wednesday, January 6, 2010


It has been COLD by Florida standards this week. Highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s...may not sound like much to the rest of the world, but that is down right frigid here! It has been great for Caitlin...she has LOTS of warm fuzzies and long outfits. Unfortunately without a trip to a colder place this year, I never fished out my box of winter clothes. The weatherman actually upgraded it from a "cold snap" to a "cold spell." It is a welcome change...even if I do have to switch back and forth between my two sweatshirts!

We have not used our heater...well ever, so we have resorted to doing laundry...the dryer helps and we always have something to wash these days! I am afraid a) the smell if we turn it on after years of non-use and b) that it will not work at all and be a bigger problem than adding an extra blanket and running loads of laundry in the dryer.
We've started Caitlin on a routine (more on that in another post...I don't want to put it in print yet to jinx it!) and revisited swaddling. So far she has been more willing to be swaddled...most likely because it is so chilly. Last night the Irishman was so concerned about her being cold I double swaddled her bottom half. This morning I woke up to find that she had kicked free from the bottom half of the velcro-ed swaddler and had her cold little toes sticking out of the gown she was wearing underneath!

No post is complete without pictures...once Daddy went back to work, Caitlin and I bundled up and went for a walk despite the "wind chill." She may be Irish, but layered up like that she is a bit of a Florida girl!
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MN Mom said...

Oh my goodness she is adorable! Cute cute cute! Brave girls to go out. Rylee and I walked the dolly yesterday with the wind whipping in her ears, even with her hoody up. She was purple in the house yesterday so I resorted to heat. It stunk, my first time ever. But it smelled okay after 10 minutes. Any Rylee turned pink again.

Lindsay said...

she is so pretty!! I know you are loving it!