Monday, January 25, 2010

Sweet Dreams

If you look closely you can see the sheep on the dress. Counting sheep leads to sweet dreams for our baby girl!

In preparation for my going back to work we have adjusted our morning routine. After one day...I am exhausted. We have been following the schedules in Save Our Sleep. (I highly recommend it...worth a look if you have a baby or toddler!) Caitlin goes to bed at 7pm, dream feed at 10, and then sleeps until 7am. (With a feed at about 4am or so about 50% of the time) I LOVE this pattern we are in. It it lovely.

And it has to change...

The nursery is not yet a nursery. Right now it is a baby-themed guest room. Until April Caitlin sleeps in the Pack-and-Play about 2 feet from my head. This has been acceptable great until it comes to getting ready for work in the morning.

The little one is in a VERY light sleep pattern from about 4am on. You can hear her kicking, cooing, etc but she will not get up until we get her up at 7am. If I get up to get ready for work, so will she. SO, I've come up with a plan and am giving myself this week to try it out.

I shower the night before and leave my clothes in the bathroom for the next morning. (Although last night I stayed up too late so I showered this morning in the guest room.) To practice I set my cell phone alarm on vibrate and sneak downstairs at 5:30AM.
It is like mission impossible.
Once downstairs the plan is to pump, wash a load of diapers to hang on the line, eat breakfast, and pack my lunch. (Only this week I don't really have to do ALL that so I can blog and bake muffins instead) Then I sneak back upstairs get dressed before waking her up at 6:30 for a last feed before leaving for work. I am supposed to be at school at 7:30.
This week is my trial run...
Yesterday? Caitlin was WAY off schedule. Instead of three naps for 45 to 90 minutes...she took two 30 minute naps. She was MEGA cranky. I miss my old schedule already. I know we will get back on track...but until then...yuck!
Caitlin's newest thing is to eat her hand. She is sucking on her right hand ALL.THE.TIME. She broke her hand out of the velcro swaddle last night and I heard her sucking away on it. The problem is the hand is now sticky and smelly and after a couple of minutes she gets bored with it and starts to cry...not my favorite!
Grandpa Boo is still in the hospital, but could get out today. Today also happens to be Grandma Betty's birthday. Happy Birthday GGB!
I go back to the neurologist this morning so the Irishman has taken the morning off to spend time with the baby girl. It WOULD have been a great morning to sleep in...instead I made banana muffins at 5:30AM. I guess it isn't all bad...
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