Friday, January 22, 2010

Pretty in...Diapers!

Well, I took the plunge and started with the cloth diapers yesterday. So far we have only had one blowout...and it was in the disposable diaper I put her in overnight.
I started with the Thirsties All-in-Ones. These wear like a disposable and were the least threatening of all to put on her. I am really enjoying all the colors.

After her mid-afternoon nap I put on a diaper that requires a cover. I have ordered a few more covers, but so far all we have are these wool "longies." (The ones my friend Laura made for Caitlin.)

Super cute! It is almost enough to make me want to take up knitting to make more covers. (Although somehow I do not think my patience carpel tunnel would work with knitting!)

We actually went all the way through our stash today. I have ordered a few more diapers...some really are super cute. (I found the ones I'd had my eye on for a good price...always exciting!) I spent hours looking through diaper sites and sales the other night and got some impressive deals. We'll see how it goes!


Bottle update: I had to pump and dump after my MRI due to the dye they injected into my system. (It sounds much worse than it is...but still!) I was a bit nervous because it meant Caitlin HAD to take the bottle...and the night before we'd had a two hour battle that ended with her falling asleep before the end of the bottle. Grandpa Eric babysit while I went to my test and Caitlin took the bottle for him without any trouble. We had a total of FOUR bottles yesterday with little to no fussing. Let's hope this is a new trend...


This post has taken me all day to write...and in the middle of it all I got a phone call at about 3pm saying that they are admitting Grandpa Boo to the hospital. He had some pain in his foot and after the surgery they are not taking any chances. Please add him to your prayers!


Today was my last Friday alone with Baby Caitlin until the summer. Nana will be here next week to get used to Caitlin's schedule before I go back to work. I feel like there is a clock ticking...

But for now we have a weekend to enjoy! Take care!


Michelle said...

You are a brave mommy trying the cloth diapers! I'm loving your post updates and your pictures. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend were you don't think about going back to work! I'm praying for the two of you and the transition!

MN Mom said...

She does look pretty in diapers. good luck with that. (It is a mess.) I wish they could make diapers that wouldn't stay in the landfill forever, then we wouldn't have to feel so guilty.

Sorry to read about your arm. I have been catching up on some blogs as I haven't been near a real computer until today. Hope you get it figured out.

The pictures are wonderful...she is growing by leeps and bounds!

The Coble's said...

Can I have a copy of your "diapers hanging on the line" picture? I would love to frame it and hang it in our nursery. That is a great picture!

Jessi said...

See, it's not so bad! If you don't want to spend much more, check out - they have a for sale or trade section. I've bought some used diapers for half the price and they've held up just fine.

btw, so jealous you can line dry yours this time of year!