Sunday, January 3, 2010


Caitlin's diaper rash has almost cleared up, so we are no longer washing in the sink for every diaper change. (Side note...we got it worked out in the sink in the master bathroom. I had a handy set up with towels and all. This also led to extra stairs workouts to assist in losing the baby weight...)

In one of the classes we took at the hospital they recommended Viva brand paper towels and water for sensitive bums. I bought a roll last week and have been using that on Miss Caitlin. It works pretty well for now.

The Irishman wasn't so confident washing the little one in the sink, but he decided he could handle the paper towels. Yesterday he asked me where we kept the "Velveeta" roll. (Viva...Velveeta) At first I thought he wanted to make cheese dip, but it is just another Morgan-ism.

I'll let him use the cheesy paper towels...


Agate Lake Girl said...

That's a good one. :)

Jessi said...

Too funny.

Still considering cloth diapers? That might help with diaper rash. It may seem hard at first (like having to wash her bum after every diaper change), but you'll soon find you're groove.