Saturday, January 16, 2010

1st Play Date

Caitlin had her first almost play date. We met up with Laura and little Johnny at another local nature preserve for a walk. It was a nice day...upper 60's/ lower 70's. Caitlin enjoyed her nap the fresh air.


Laura (John's mom) is my local cloth diaper expert.

She made Caitlin the pink Diaper cover and gave me a bag with these diaper goodies when we met up. I'm loving it! Too cute!

She has also loaned us the Thirties All-In-Ones and at my shower gave me the Bum Genius.

Now I just have to use them! I want to try cloth, but it is the actually doing it part now. I need to buy detergent...all we have is the fragrance/dye free stuff that is supposed to leave a residue. I am almost ready...I just need to sort out the logistics of a few things and order a few more goodies.


We went back to the pediatrician this morning. One of Caitlin's parents was a little concerned about how she was eating and her weight gain. (She has not been eating well the last couple of day...I think she may just have a slight cold...and then spitting up) My little dear has only taken about an ounce of formula in the week...but she still gained 6 ounces in 5 days. The doctor was pleased...and it means no more formula. The doctor said she looks fine and there was nothing at all wrong with her. (Although we do need to do more tummy time...not very good at that!) Both parents are very happy with the outcome. Now we just have to work on taking the bottle of pumped milk again...


I have spent two days working on this post...and I am not sure what I intended to put here at the bottom. All I can think of is that my grandfather is out of the ICU and recovering well. (Note to self must call tonight...) Thankful to hear he is doing well!

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Jessi said...

Great stash! You know, I used a fragrance/dye free detergent and I haven't really had any problems. The best thing for them (and you have PLENTY of this) is sunning them instead of drying in the dryer.

I do use Charlie's and it's worked pretty well. But I miss being able to sun them.

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