Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rafa vs. The Mother-in-Law

Rafa and my mother-in-law do not get along...AT ALL.

To be fair, Rafa doesn't get along with anyone who comes to visit. I am the only human he likes. He tolerates the Irishman.

Anytime guests come Rafa gets bent out of shape. He becomes anti-social as soon as he sees suitcases. (It either means someone coming or we are going and he is not a fan of either) Most of our guests have tried to befriend him...but then end result is always the same. I try to give the warning before he attacks antibiotic ointment is needed.

We know this about Rafa...and have come to a point that we expect it. Not like it mind you, but accept it.

But Rafa and my in-laws? That is a hate-hate relationship. The Irishman's mother does not swear...but I've heard her use choice words to describe my first furry child. And the rascal himself? She cannot enter the room or look at him without a hiss.

It is bad enough that Rafa takes it out on me...his one human love. He becomes super needy. I cannot please him and he ends up going for my ankles...which only fuels the choice words about that evil cat. It is a vicious cycle.

My mother-in-law in here until April.

Let's hope they can learn to tolerate each other get along...


Agate Lake Girl said...

Cute Rafa pic.

MN Mom said...

She's here in April or until April?

Jenny said...

Until April...and Shannon I must have caught your non-emailing comments...errr!

Michelle said...

This post made laugh as it reminds me so much of our cat Dragonfly! She really only likes me and only tolerates Rob. And we constatly have to remind visitors that she is not the one who likes to be petted and will bite if they try. She hasn't yet met my mother-in-law, but I'm sure we will have the same issues when she comes to stay after the baby is born. I'll be praying that Rafa and your mother-in-law can learn to at least tolerate each other the next few weeks!