Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Flower Power & Bottle Update

I am exhausted but trying to stay up just a little bit longer to give Caitlin her dream feed. This post started with the pictures and has ended up all sorts of randomness. Oh, well!

Caitlin took the bottle tonight...but it look two hours and a lot of fussing. (I had physical therapy so I missed about half of it.) It is not what is in the bottle...she is only getting "Mommy milk" regardless but rather the bottle itself. She used to guzzle down bottles like it was no body's business. Now...my head hurts thinking about it!

I went to the neurologist today about my numb arm. She has ordered an MRI of my brain and spine so I will get that done Thursday. That should rule out MS and all that other scary stuff...but I've had that done before. Depending on the results she will do nerve conduction test on Tuesday...but again I've had that before as well. She is also looking into genetic testing to see if I have inherited HNPP. No answers yet, but she seemed nice enough and is taking what I say seriously. (Which I've found to be hard to find characteristics in a neurologist!) We'll see how it all goes! Caitlin came along to my appointment today and was very well behaved.
I got an e-mail this afternoon from my brother announcing that he is getting married on Saturday. (As in a few days from now...) He has been engaged for almost a year but it is still a bit of a sudden decision. As it turns out they are going to make it official this weekend for insurance and such, but they will still plan to have the bigger wedding they'd wanted in the fall. I did have to laugh...he accidentally titled the e-mail "undate" instead of "update"...but I thought that was sort of fitting for the occasion at hand. We won't make it, but congrats Jay! (Not that he reads my blog...but that's okay!)
I love this outfit! Thank you Mauree!
Off to bed now...good night!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Hope all the tests come out okay and that they figure out what's wrong!

Michelle said...

Congratulations to your brother! I hope that all of the results come out well and that the physical therapy is helping!