Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yes, No, Okay...

Thank you for all the kind words!

I had planned on writing a longer post, but I'm not feeling so hot tonight. Here are the answers to the most asked questions (and the questions I know you were dying to ask...or not!):

  • Yes! We are both thrilled! We had been praying for this to happen since we went to Australia in 2007 for a while now. It seemed like it had happened for everyone else but us, but we are so happy that our prayers have been answered!
  • We really stink at secrets. It is a miracle that we made it this long without spilling the beans! We told our families right away.
  • Yes! We want to find out the gender of the baby. We have an appointment June 12th and hopefully our little shamrock will cooperate. At my last ultrasound the doctor said I had the most uncooperative baby of the day. Hmmm...
  • How am I feeling? I am still waiting for my stomach to settle down. (And please...stories of people who were sick the whole nine months do NOT need to be shared now. If you are one of those people please, please, please keep it to yourself. I need more of the "It will pass soon" and less of the "I was sick until week 20...25...40") Yesterday was a good day. Today was not.
  • The Irishman has been a saint. He is cleaning up the dinner he cooked as we speak because being in the kitchen makes me gag. He has also picked up kitty litter duty and multiple other jobs I only sort of miss doing. He has also been good about my requests for sudden changes in the menu.
  • I am due November 7th.
  • No one asked, but I have been CRAVING Chick-Fil-A, Sonic, and GOOD Mexican Food. At least 2 out of three isn't bad!
  • I've had one major freak out moment. I called my OBs office to ask about some back pain at 10 weeks. I was calm...until the nurse said, "How soon can you get here?" Yep...the waterworks started then. I announced to the teacher next door that I was expecting and left school suddenly at 10:30am on a Friday morning. The doctor was not concerned at all about it. I did however get an extra ultrasound and a little reassurance and Chick-Fil-A so lunch so it wasn't a complete loss.
  • The condition I was told not to google? At my 7 week ultrasound they found a subchronic hemorrhage. I've seen two of the three doctors in the practice since the diagnosis and they are both confident that it is just fine and will work itself out. I've had a total of three ultrasounds and they are monitoring it. I did eventually cave and Google it, but only after reading in a few books and deciding I could be calm and handle it.
  • I feel like I have a small bump, but only those looking for it can tell. None of my pants fit. My kids at school are all worried because I've left school "sick" a couple of times (once a migraine and the other my sudden 10:30 departure) and had a lot of doctors appointments. I got an e-mail from a parent yesterday though and one smart little girl in my class figured it out...and her mom put together a VERY carefully worded e-mail to inquire about my health.

That's about all for now...I'm going for a second attempt at dinner. I'll post later in the week about our upcoming trip. This time next week we'll be in the Caribbean!


Kellie said...

Wow! What a smart student you have! With my first baby I bled within the first week. I didn't have a doctor at the time and just went to the campus clinic. The PA there told me I miscarried and left it at that. He didn't have the best bedside manner. Ended up I never got my period back, the bleeding ended, and after a while I realized I still was feeling sick in the mornings. I went back to the doctor a couple months later and found out I was still pregnant. I never miscarried, just bled a little.

I tell you this not to scare you, but just to let you know that sometimes things happen that will worry you, especially with your first, but that most of those things are normal and that you don't need to worry about them. I freaked out over everything with my first and it was all unnecessary. And yes, the morning sickness will go away:)

Lindsay said...

I DID NOT HAVE MORNING SICKNESS UNTIL 20 WEEKS!!! :) BUT, I did find that 1/2 a unisom and a vitamin B6 REALLY helps!! The dr. suggested it, so it's save for the "little shamrock"!!

Lindsay said...

when I said "until 20 weeks.." I did NOT mean it started at 20 weeks.. I meant it did NOT last until 20 weeks...

Brittany Ann said...

That's so funny that a parent would email you about it! So cute! My kids always ask me about this, and I always think, gosh, what if they can sense it before I do? You know what they say about kids. They have a sixth sense about these things!

MN Mom said...

Oh thank God for this post! All those were my questions. I have thoughts...but first I want to say this, "Don't worry." I know that is almost impossible because you are scared to death that something will go wrong. But seriously, trust in the Lord that this baby is meant for you. Worry is the worst thing you can do, just breathe and think calm, it's in his hands anyway. And soon, the nausa will pass, the energy will come back, and you will be on your way toward the most wonderful joy you you can ever imagine.

Shannon's class figured it out too right away. She never ate in front of the kids and all of a sudden she had to eat crackers and pretzels...a little girl came up and said, "My mom had to eat when she had an upset tummy and then we got my brother. Are you pregnant Mrs. P?" (Or something to that affect.)
I think keeping secrets are over-rated. Tell the world early and share & enjoy the joy longer...that is my motto.
I'm happy you are going to find out the sex...now the question...will you share the gender? The name? You know my vote...hate secrets.
This would be a good time to explain to Morgan that the kitty litter detail, that he is on and doing so very well at, is his job permanently. Why is now the perfect time, because he will do anything to help & make you feel better. They will promise you anything. (Get it on tape!) haha
Hang in there and try New York vanilla ice cream and dill pickles. It didn't work for Shannon (yuk was her comment) but it was my go-to food...yummy. You do need good dill pickles, and the yellowy ice cream.
Call Shannon for questions, as it's all recent in her mind. I will say a prayer for the little shamrock!

Agate Lake Girl said...

Thanks for sharing all the details and going public on the blog! I've been staying away for fear that I couldn't contain myself in comments! he he

Jon and I also tried for several years before any pregnancy success, but now we have Rylee and she was definitely worth the wait! :)

Can't wait to share in the rest of your pregnancy journey. You should be just about done with the icky part - hang in there. The exciting parts are coming...

Anonymous said...

Oh you sounds just like me when I was pregnant, anything related to the kitchen, trash, cat litter, etc made me gag. Though I will happily tell you that all my sickness and queasiness happily went away around 14-15 weeks. And taking a ginger supplement really helped me.