Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Wishes

I was a bit upset when I realized we would be on the cruise for Mother's Day. I have already gotten a couple of beautiful "Mother-to-Be Day" cards. How on earth could I get a message to my mom without paying an arm and a leg from the cruise ship?

I came up with several wild and crazy ideas as to how to tell my mom she means the world to me. The Irishman helped. We had to tone it down a bit.

The initial plan was to send an e-card, but I am not confident in the reliability of the e-card. I want something I know she will read.

She reads my blog.

(I know she reads it because I set it up so that she gets an automatic e-mail of each post. She doesn't always post a comment...I get private e-mails back.)

So, here goes:

Mom, you are my hero. I love you so very much and I love how excited you are about becoming a grandmother. (By the way, I peaked and this week your grandbaby is the size of a lemon. I figured I wouldn't get the e-mail until I get back so it was okay to look ahead!) You are always there for me and talking to you makes me smile. You send the best e-mails and text messages.

I bought a little something for you. I didn't want to mail it because you would get it early (or late...) so I arranged for it to be waiting for you. If you go into James Avery today and give them your name they will give you your gift. I hope you like it!

Happy Mother's Day!

So now I just have to hope that my plan works the way I want it to! We think we will have phone service at our stop on Wednesday. I'll try to check then!

So to my mom and all the moms out there...

Happy Mother's Day!

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MN Mom said...

That was so sweet and I'm sure your mom loved it! Have fun and Happy Mother-to-be day!