Saturday, May 30, 2009

The transition begins!

I woke up this morning a woman on a mission.

My target: to empty and remove one of the two bookcases in the guest room.

By 9:30 this morning I had posted almost 40 new books on Paperback Swap. I had a 2 foot stack of magazines to recycle. (I had to wait for the Irishman to carry them down the stairs though.) I also had researched the photo storage boxes I want to use to get rid of the shelf and a half of photo albums I own.

By 11:00, the Irishman had moved the now empty bookshelf downstairs. By noon (there was a soccer game on and he is possessive about his DVDs) the bookcase was loaded up with WAY too many DVDs the Irishman's DVD collection. (There is no chance of joining SwapaDVD, but I can wish!)

This small but important first step in the transition from guest room to nursery started today because we got our first batch of baby hand me downs. Our friends Lyndsay and Dave have twin boys who are about 13 months old. They were talking about getting rid of some baby stuff a couple of months ago. They were also two of the first people after our families that we told about the Shamrock.

Lyndsay has been mentioning all week that she was ready to had over some things. It took three trips to the car to load everything.

We have car seats, play mats, a swing, a chair, clothes, blankets, baby proofing supplies...and there is more on the way in a couple of months once the boys outgrow it. Of course with Lyndsay being Irish there are several nice Irish outfits in the bags as well. The Irishman is hoping for a little boy to wear the green athletic gear.

It more than fills the corner of the room where the bookshelf once lived. We are very grateful.

My charming husband was all ready to start on the closet tonight. He wanted to pull out a dresser and all the goodies and such and leave the baby stuff in the closet. I told him one big task a weekend was enough. (Can you tell he slept this morning while I emptied the book shelf?)

Guess what we are doing next weekend?

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Agate Lake Girl said...

So fun! Can't wait to see the nursery as it continues to transition.