Monday, May 18, 2009

Picture Preview

So, I did NOT get to edit any of my pictures yesterday as planned. I also have a pile of papers I have yet to grade and a vocabulary list that needs to be created this morning by 7:55. It is going to be a LONG first day back!

I do though have a picture preview. This is my very favorite picture from the cruise...for now. We have it as the desktop background on the computer. It was taken in Labadee, Haiti.

I so wish I was there right now!

More to come...but Monday has to happen first! Have a great week!


MN Mom said...

I love that photo! Can't wait for the rest. Go away Monday!

Sarah said...

That photo is gorgeous! Congrats on your pregnancy, I'm pregnant too and we're due around the same time(Nov 4th for me). I found your blog through you being featured on the Newlyweds blog. You are your husband are so cute together.