Sunday, May 24, 2009

St. Maarten Pictures

I finally got around to editing some of the almost 200 pictures we took on our cruise. Here is a collage of our best pictures from St. Maarten.

We did not do an organized excursion in St. Maarten. The ship docked on the Dutch side of the island. We took the water taxi into town and then rented $5 beach chairs. I forgot my book, so I kept the Irishman awake debating baby names. (By the way, the sand castle was already there. We are do not have that much patience!) After a while we took a stroll through the town and stopped in the Catholic Church to say a prayer.

It would have been neat to have visited the French side of the island as well, but we didn't get to that. (Although we heard about the clothing optional portion of the beach over there from other guests on the boat.) Besides the beaches, it is supposed to be quite different from the side of the island we were on. Maybe next time!
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Scott and Stephanie said...

Scott & I witnessed the clothing optional side of St. Maarten -- SCARY!!! You really didn't miss anything you couldn't go your whole life without seeing and still be okay!! Haha!