Friday, May 8, 2009

Accidental Babymoon

The Irishman and I leave tomorrow on our "accidental babymoon." It wasn't planned that way...but it isn't at all a bad thing!

A couple of months ago I was crying on the phone to my mom that I was pregnant, my husband was going to be deported, and I had a condition the doctor wouldn't let me google...

Thank GOD times have changed!

If you remember we were supposed to go one a cruise for spring break. It turns out that the Irishman would have been allowed to go, but we were not sure he would be allowed BACK in the country. It is not a risk we were willing to take. (Go figure!)

They let us reschedule, but you are not allowed to cruise after week 20-something (I can't remember now what it is) so the only week that we could both work out is next week. He has sorted out his "fairly serious paperwork issues" and we are on track to leave the country tomorrow.

It also means that I am taking all five personal days at once. (That means I have FIVE DAYS of sub plans to write. I think I will need a vacation if I make it through today! )

Seriously though, we are REALLY looking forward to a week to just relax. I have never just taken off a week in is kind of nice! It also happens to fall at the beginning of my second trimester. It is our "unintentionally planned babymoon."

So, this time next week we should still be relaxing in the middle of the Caribbean. (And NO, our boat does not stop in Mexico. And YES we have lots of hand sanitizer!) I am hoping to post from my phone before we pull out of port and I have two auto posts planned.

Have a great week!

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Agate Lake Girl said...

Have a great time! Especially since when baby arrives, travel tends to stop (or at least slow). :)