Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Meet the Newlyweds"

The Irishman and I were interviewed by Jenna at Newlyweds for her weekly feature "Meet the Newlyweds." Be sure to stop by her blog and check it out!

We really enjoyed filling out the questions together. (The Irishman: "You can't put that!" and then "Is that all you've learned about me?") Jenna wrote a lovely introduction. (The Great Pepper Incident is one of my favorites too!) The picture posted with the interview was taken by our good friend Denise Felice.

While you are visiting Jenna's, take the time to look around. I love reading her weekly garden updates. (And the twins are cuties!)


JayBee said...

Hi, I found your blog off the Newlyweds today. I was featured a couple a month or so ago. It's fun, huh? You and your husband make a cute couple.

newlyweds said...

Jenny- Thanks for the great interview. It was fun and yes the pepper incident is hilarious!!